28 July 2013

Review: Unmasking the Spy

Unmasking the Spy
Unmasking the Spy by Janet Kent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What to say about this? I'm not altogether sure how I feel if I'm honest. An easy 3-3.5 stars.

This was a good enough read, which did entertain me. A few years ago it's exactly what I would have loved to read, in fact I went through a whole Regency romance period where that's all I would read.

There were some things that bugged me, like "honey" and too-tight pantaloons, but the capers of Alicia and Ian kind of made up for that. I loved reading about Alicia's balls and soirées and the passion between "Elizabeth" and "Rouge" was excellent, if a little steamy. I did feel like screaming at Alicia and Ian to just be bloody honest with each other though. I mean, seriously? HOW could they not know who was who, regardless of how dark it was?

But boy does Unmasking the Spy have some thrills. Although I'd pretty much guessed the who-dunnit, the twist at the end was marvellous any brought the rating up a little. But the ending itself was a bit of a let down. SHE HAD A CONCUSSION!

The worst part of this book is that Ian even said himself that he couldn't control himself. Things like that make me feel sick and bring out the angry feminist inside of me.

I'd probably call this a Young-New-Adult Regency Romance if I had to categorise it.

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  2. I think you wouldn't trust such a writer to order thesis from. This is a terrible book and it doesn't even deserve three points.


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