02 January 2014

Meet Merlin and Pixie

It's time to meet Merlin and Pixie, my adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgis. How could I not share the cuteness?

In their Christmas coats!
They're both around 8 years old and we drove all the way to Wales to get them. Merlin and Pixie are completely unrelated and both a little overweight - but it's rare to see a corgi which isn't a little tubby! They go to Chubby Chums (how cute?) at the vet where their weight-loss is tracked.

Pixie turned into a giant soggy fluff ball
They're such characters and are quite popular when they're out and about.

Walkies with the Queen
At Paws With Pride 2013 they lead the Gay Walkies with a Queen Queen and posed for lots of pictures and behaved brilliantly while they were filmed for the news. There was a huge turnout and even though Pixie can get a little anxious in crowds she was fantastic on the day and only had a little grumble at a Westie in the afternoon. Both pups won rosettes in the fun dog show and we all had lots of fun even though it was probably the wettest day of the year.

Keep an eye on the blog for regular up-dates on their weightloss and daily life as well as lots of totally adorable pictures.

What do you want to know about Merlin and Pixie?

Post your questions here and I'll see if I can answer them with the next up-date.

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