12 April 2014

Blogoversary Bonanza Take Two!

My blogoversary was on April 1 and to celebrate I'll be hosting 4 fantastic weeks of giveaways! Come back each Saturday and you can see what goodies you could win. There will be one UK only giveaway and one International giveaway running at any one time, so that's potentially 2 chances to win. Woo!

The giveaways both have questions, but why not answer them here too?
What's your ultimate comfort food?
What is your favourite book?
In what country are you based?

The Prizes

This week, lucky UK readers could win a signed copy of Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O'Porter. It's a lovely story, so genuine and heart-warming and in the style of the very best UKYA and everyone ever should read it.

If you're an international reader, you could win an amazing pair of earrings. THEY'RE SO CUTE! I kinda want to keep them to myself! If the winner is outside the UK these might take around 2 weeks to arrive.



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  1. Thanks for hosting the anniversary giveaways, Cora. You really are spoiling us!


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