17 April 2014

UKYA Readathon

UKYA played a huge part in my reading life - it's what actually got me into reading. So when I heard all about Project UKYA I couldn't wait to get involved. And I will be in my own little way later on in the year. But until then I have the wonderful Readathon to take part in!

Are you taking part? If not, why not join in now? It's never too late!

What I'm Reading:

The Dark Beneath by Alan Gibbons
Junk! by Melvin Burgess
Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy
Finding Jennifer Jones by Anne Cassidy

And I'll probably pick up another few books if I get these all finished - my shelves are crammed full of amazing UKYA. There's no other writing like it, where everything is so gritty and real. UKYA doesn't gloss over the crap bits of life, it properly explores them and makes you stop and think, tackling tough issues head on.

What are you reading?

From Thursday 17th April to Sunday 20th, there will be a UKYA readathon. The aim of this is to read lots of amazing UKYA books and have fun at the same time. 

The details: 

- The readathon will start from 9 AM on the 17th and finish at 11 PM on the 20th.

- During the readathon, there will be reading sprints and activities going on over on the Project UKYA Twitter and Facebook page.

- We will ONLY be reading UKYA books - that's any book written by an author born or currently residing in the UK. If you're not sure, feel free to ask! 

You can tweet the books you pledge to read by using the hashtag #readukya - let's get people really shouting about UKYA over the duration of the readathon.

Anyone can join in - readers, bloggers, authors, publishing people - EVERYONE!
If you're also looking for UKYA recommendations, we'll also be answering in the hashtag.

Don't forget to spread the word too - let's get as many people as possible to read UKYA over the four day period and for UKYA Day.

Speaking of UKYA Day, if you have a blog it would be lovely if you could write a post for the 19th April talking about UKYA - why you love it, your favourite books and authors. Anything to do with UKYA! If you could also link back to us, that would be lovely!

Happy reading! x 


  1. I need to be more conscious of what I am reading when it comes to authors and who they come from. It is very rare that I read a book from a UK author. The same goes for people of colour. It is not that I actively avoid them, I just pick up what it there at the book store.

    I will definitely take a peep at this! :)

    Thanks for sharing! :) xx

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

    1. I don't think I consciously check authors, and often the information isn't even in the book, but I think I do tend to read mostly UK. Probably because I love the style, I seem to know instinctively that it's UK rather than US.


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