01 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Oh yes, it's time for that annual post, where I hope everyone had a lovely time over the festive season and wish everyone a Happy New Year. And I'll also let you know what I (hope) will be coming up over the new year!

What I Plan

  • Giveaways
    I plan lots more giveaways! This is mainly because of my job, my bonus is pretty neat so some of that is going straight back into this blog for all you lovely readers out there.
  • Tours
    I have so much fun doing tours, and the beginning of last year was a blast. They kind of tailed off so I can't wait to get back on the tour bus.
  • A New Design
    I am desperate for a new design but I now have no graphics programs so can't do it myself. Any of you know any fab designers? I'm mostly after a background and logo.
  • More Reviews
    I'm going to aim for about 1 review-only post per week. I do read an awful lot more than that (about 4 books per week) but I know I need to get everything scheduled properly.
  • Books for Danny
    I have an adorable nephew called Danny and already I've bought him the equivalent of 1 book a week since he was born. This will be a mixture of me and my sister's thoughts on the books.
  • Book-Tubing
    It's something I've been interested in for a while, and this year I'm going to finally bit the bullet, brush my hair, and mess around with my bedroom to get an adequate setting to talk books at you all in my weird not-quite-Scottish-not-quite-Geordie accent.
  • North East Teenage Book Awards
    This will be throughout January and into February, but I am very excited about this one! Watch this space.

What are your bookish plans this year?

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