04 September 2018

Ten Binge-worthy TV Shows

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Top Ten Tuesday
This week is Top Ten 
Bingeworthy TV Shows
I love watching TV shows, and this is something I've touched upon previously when I talked about the five TV shows I can watch on repeat. Of course they feature in this list too, but with five others to accompany them.
  • Empresses In The Palace
    I absolutely love Empresses in the Palace and I pretty much watch the Netflix edit on repeat. It's six episodes, each an hour and a half, and I rewatch it almost every week. Political intrigue,  murder, feminism, murder, power struggles, murder... I love it.
  • iZombie
    I mean, it has Rose McIver so no other reason is really needed. But if you do need some then it's full of dark humour, pop references, murder, and feminism.
  • Reign
    I'll be honest, it's trash and so far from historically accurate that it's basically fantasy. But also I am Frary trash. And there is political intrigue and power struggles and feminism and murder... So it's 100% me.
  • Nashville
    I am a sucker for country music and power struggles and feminism and oh shoot there I go again. I love Nashville and although it started going a bit downhill at one point, the last season from CMT really pulled it back and was excellent.
  • A Touch of Cloth
    This is a parody of every crime procedural you've ever read, and I love the detail that goes into it. I've seen it so many times that I can quote it and now when I watch it I'm scanning the background for puns and funny signs.
  • Dynasty
    I was fangirling about Nashville with Amy at Golden Books Girl and she recommended that i try Dynasty and oh man, it's excellent. It has that same feminist power-struggle at its core, with added family drama and cheesiness, and it just makes me feel so happy.
  • Vikings
    Oh, hey there feminism and power struggles and murder. What can I say, I have a type. I am trash for Katheryn Winnick, and I love how brutal this series is.
  • Whitechapel
    Maybe not the fourth (and final) series, but Whitechapel has everything I love in a crime drama. It's dark, it's unreliable, and it has the faintest hint of surrealism.
  • How To Get Away With Murder
    I only started watching this three weeks ago, but now I'm all caught up and ready for season five in 24 days. Yes, I'm counting. Obviously it has murder, look at the title, but Annalise and Laurel and Michaela are just so kick ass.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    It just makes me laugh so much. When I need a quick laugh I put an episode on and accidentally watch a whole series.
Going to do a special shout-out to the shows I'm currently binging too. I have just started The 100 and I am addicted and completely in love with Octavia. I am continuing with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals after taking a break for a couple years, and now I'm wondering why I stopped watching them at all!

    Have you seen any of these?
    What do you love to binge watch?


    1. SO excited to see Dynasty on this list!! I loved the first few seasons of Nashville too, as you know,and I agree it was great for binging as that's what I did with seasons 1 and 2 and I enjoyed them a lot more than 3 and 4, which I watched week to week.
      Amy x

      1. Honestly you recommending Dynasty to was just such a good call, I loved it! Definitely give Nashville another go it really picks up again before the end.

    2. How could I forget Viking's?! Can't wait for the new season to start! I'll be giving Empresses in the Palace a go soon.
      Here's my TT: http://dysfanreads.blogspot.com/2018/09/top-ten-tuesday-32.html
      Steph x

      1. So excited for you to start Empresses in the Palace! I hope you love it as much as I do

    3. I love Vikings! I haven't seen it in several seasons, but it's a really good show.

    4. I love so many of the shows on your list, Reign, iZombie, Nashville, How To Get Away With Murder and Brooklyn Nine Nine are all shows I've really enjoyed!
      My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2018/09/04/top-ten-tuesday-175/

    5. I really want to watch Nashville! I love country music, but I also adore Chip Esten. Fell in love with him on Whose Line is it Anyway and was stoked he got a major role in a TV show.

      Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

    6. The 100 is so good! Also such a big fan of iZombie which I really need to catch up with!

    7. Ooh will have to add some of these to my watch-list, I liked the first few episodes of Dynasty but haven't got round to watching the rest yet. And glad to hear Nashville picks up again in the last series!! I'd almost given up hope and I loved the early seasons.

      My TTT: https://whenitdoes.blogspot.com/2018/09/top-ten-tuesday-favourite-binge-worthy.html

      1. I'd stopped watching Nashville for a while because I wasn't feeling it, but the last season just takes it right back to its roots and is excellent.

    8. I love iZombie and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I really hope Liv gets a happy ending!
      How To Get Away With Murder and Whitechapel are on my verly long to-watch list.

    9. B-99 is amazing, I love it so much! I started to watch Reign with my mum, but we ended up not finishing it just because I then moved to uni and it was difficult to keep it up when we didn't see each other so much. And I started watching Vikings too but stopped - I really want to start that one up again!

      Beka | www.bekadaisies.com

    10. I've seen so many people add B99 and the 100 on their list that I'm going to have to check both of them out. I want to say, I saw a trailer for Dynasty and I meant to check it out but totally forgot about it. I want to say I saw the season on Netflix recently so I may have to check it out there.

      Tina @ As Told By Tina

    11. I need to watch Vikings. The ads for it always look intense. Thanks for the reminder!

      Aj @ Read All The Things!

    12. I need to start in on Brooklyn 99 one of these days. I've heard so many great things about it!

    13. Ooh, The 100! Definitely a show I love watching as well! As for Reign - I'm usually someone who hides whenever anything history-related comes along, but I'm digging the show. I've no clue why. Maybe thanks to everyone pointing out how historically incorrect it is, which makes my brain go "okay, I can do that". Noooo clue. :')
      I've only heard about B99 for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should check it out sometime..

      1. Haha yes I think it's because it's so wildly inaccurate that I love Reign.

    14. The 100 is amazing, it's one of my favourite tv shows! I also love The Vampire Diaries and The Originals (Although I do need to catch up on the last two seasons of The Originals).

    15. Reignnnnnn! It's so ridiculous and I love it so much. All the ladies! The undercurrent of gothic nonsense! The soundtrack! Mary's LIPSTICK that I am constantly trying to copy. Such a good time :D

      1. THE CLOTHES AND THE HAIR oh man, I'm ready for another rewatch.

    16. iZombie is absolutely one of my favorites too!

    17. Ooh I loved Whitechapel!

      I watched the first season of Reign but sort of dropped it partway through the second, it was just dropping down my priority list so I gave up.

      I've not heard of Empresses In The Palace before but it sounds great so I may have to find time to watch!

      1. Empresses in the Palace is something you have to give time to, it's subtitled so you have to pay attention, but it's wonderful.

    18. Brooklyn nine nine is just the best!

    19. I love iZombie, Dynasty and Vikings!!! 😍

      Shirley | https://shirleycuypers.blogspot.be


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