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25 January 2014

Review, Excerpt and GIVEAWAY - London Falling T.A. Foster

It’s London’s senior year and she only needs one class to graduate. She just didn’t expect her final assignment: fall in love.

Communication 224 has a reputation for giving out the most unique projects of the semester. When London James and Beau Anderson signed up for the class they had no idea they would be paired up together, much less spend an entire semester working on their final grade.

Professor Garcia tasks them to produce a study on the hit reality show, Love Match, a show about strangers falling in love on over the top dates. London and Beau decide to debunk the popular show’s fantasy portrayal of romance. Determined they can date the entire semester and not fall for each other, the classmates share blogs about their dates and start a website where everyone can follow their dating experiment. Resisting their growing attraction for one another is harder than they thought.  

London is in for the toughest class of her college career. The headstrong and success-driven student discovers there might be more important things in life than an A.

5 Words: Fiesty, love, laughs, reality, conflict.

I may be taking part in the tour, but I purchased this book as I wasn't one of the super-lucky bloggers to receive a copy and I had to read it. I mean, look at that synopsis. And how glad I am that I did. I mean, the kindle copy is less than £2! That's ridiculously cheap and amazingly good value. The paperback comes in at £7.89 which is cheaper than my last paper-back read. Worth every penny.

I'm often a bit hit-and-miss with New Adult - unfortunately it's usually a miss. But London Falling has somewhat redeemed New Adult books in my eyes. I really really enjoyed this read. I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was reading and didn't want it to end. This is a New Adult which really works!

London Falling is a sweet and slightly steamy romance which slowly and subtly grows and changes as the relationships between the characters develop. It's a very clever story which plays on the infatuation most people have with reality TV and goes some way to exploring how real it is. I liked that a lot. There are sparks and fireworks and misunderstandings and mind-blowing kisses.

I have to admit, at first I was like "London? Seriously?" and thinking I was going to have another America Singer on my hands. But London is a fantastically complex character and I absolutely loved everything about her. Apart from her obsession with moving to LA and becoming a movie star.

I would love to read more about London and Beau, but failing that I know I'll read anything that TA Foster releases in the future.

Below is an excerpt which was actually one of my favourite parts of the book - it had me laughing out loud just with the memories of earlier scenes. I think this little snippet really shows what London Falling is all about. Make sure you check out Excerpt's 1 and 2 as well, I've included links to them so you can find them easily.

Excerpt 1   |   Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3

We pushed on the chain-link gate and walked into the concrete corridor. It was eerie how quiet the complex was at night. 
“What part of Victoria’s date is this?” Beau asked over my shoulder. 
I turned to face him. “This isn’t a Love Match date. This is our date.” He grinned at me; he was catching on. “Follow me.” 
In less than two months, we would be walking these same stairs and taking our seats in the bleachers for graduation. Tonight, I didn’t want to think about what was going to happen in May. I only wanted to be with Beau. 
We took the steps down to the field level and passed through the manicured hedges that bordered the football field. I read the numbered lines running across the grass until we reached the center. Before I picked Beau up tonight, I had stashed a small blanket in my bag just for this moment. I retrieved the blanket and pressed the corners, flattening it into the fifty-yard line. 
“Last time I tried this, the guard at Gimghoul Castle ran us off. What do you think the chances are we can actually sit here on the fifty-yard line and do some stargazing?” 
Beau laughed as he sat next to me. “You are better at checking things off my list than I am. Stargazing at Kenan?” 
“That’s not all. I brought drinks.” I reached into my bag and pulled out two beers. 
“Is that like a Mary Poppins bag or something? You can fit anything in there.” Beau lifted the corner and peered into the side pocket. 
“No. I just know how to pack.” 
“We have to make a toast.” He raised the glass bottle in my direction. “To Carolina nights.”
I smiled and let my bottle tap his before taking a sip. 
From where we sat, the sky looked like it was littered with diamonds. They stretched from one end zone to the other. It was a new moon, giving us the perfect night to find constellations. 
“Now, about that rose.” His seductive eyes were watching me squirm. 
Beau wedged his beer into a patch of grass. His eyes looked hungrily at my mouth. With an unexpected fierceness, he lunged at me, sending me back on the blanket. I threw my arms around his neck as his lips took mine. So much for stargazing. 
He paused, letting his hands trace the edges of my face. “London, I can’t keep my hands off you. This project is going to kill me.” My body bowed toward him as he playfully nipped at my neck with his teeth. “I want it to be over so we can stop sneaking around. I want to touch you whenever I want.” 
Project. Shit. I still hadn’t told him what was going on. “Beau, we need to talk about the project.” It was barely a whisper. 
His hand cupped my bottom and he squeezed until I was pressed against the center of his body. “Just kiss me, London. We can talk later.”


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  1. Always great when you find a redeemable New Adult book, it's been a hit and miss for me too but I am going to have to look this one up.

    1. I usually find them over sexed which is a bit off putting - some should definitely just stop lying and call themselves erotica!
      But this had just the right balance of maturity and passion and the actions of the characters just felt so right.

  2. I love the premise of this book, it sounds fascinating. And I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. It was fascinating, definitely one of the best NAs I've read.


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