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10 January 2014

Review: From Yes to I Do by Lucy Tobin

A trousseau of creative, canny, and crafty tips to plan a wedding with a difference. This is a new blueprint for brides-to-be, filled with savvy, surprising, and downright ingenious ideas that will make your wedding stand out from the crowd - not to mention some behind-the-scenes secrets that puts this guide on the side of the bride, not the wedding industry. Want a wedding with a personal touch, not off the rack? Lusting after luxury but smart about saving? Favour a homemade feel but haven't got the know-how? Lifting the veil on everything from the entrance music to the honeymoon getaway, this guide teaches you how to dream big, shop smart, and make your own - all in the down-to-earth style of the kind of girl you'd want as your own bridesmaid. Get ready to go up the aisle in style.

5 Words: Witty, informative, funny, imaginative, essential.

5 More Words: Interactive, amazing, beautiful, money-saving, pretty.

If you ever plan on getting married, whether you've found the one or are still searching, get this book. It's like a wedding planning bible. And it's not only for the brides. It's for everyone who'll be involved.

The part I loved the most about the e-book was how interactive it was. It didn't just tell you about all of these wonderful resources it references, it shows you them with direct links to useful wedding planning tools and the most amazing blogs and websites ever. And hello there, Pinterest. Now I have a selection of boards with all of my wedding idea snippets.

There are little hints and tips from photographers and caterers and brides and grooms so this is filled with ways to save money - and in the current economic climate that can only be a good thing. And it tells you not to be afraid to contact people who have previously used a photographer (for example) or to snoop into their business' Facebook and Twitter for what customers have posted.

There are also extensive DIY guides and different ideas to make your wedding truly your own. I love the idea of Tea Towel wedding invites. And I've done a bit of searching myself and found The Wedding Tree Company which supplied the quirkiest guestbook and table plans ever.

I laughed my way through this, and so did my other half. It's extremely enjoyable. And it's made us think a lot more. There are so many little things that we wouldn't have even thought about asking, particularly when it comes to venues and contractors and especially with "all inclusive" venues which is what we've been leaning towards.

I know it will be a long time until we get married. My fiancĂ© and myself can't even afford a place of our own. But this book has shown me that this doesn't really matter. We're together and we love each other. And who cares if when we do properly settle down we can't afford a big do? This book has shown us that you can do it on a shoestring and still have an amazing, wonderful day. What's wrong with the £199 Premier Inn do anyway?

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