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22 March 2014

Review and Giveaway: Kissing Eden by TA Foster

Have you ever thought of taking a vacation alone? I mean step on a plane, check into your hotel, and lie on the beach completely and utterly alone. No? Me either, but then right before senior spring break I got dumped.

Something about break ups makes you do things you didn't want to do, and try things you didn't know you were capable of.

That’s how I ended up at the Palm Palace.

That’s how I met Grey.

That’s how my spring break turned into the most unforgettable week of my life.

5 Words: fun, sexy, spring, quick read.

I really enjoyed this rather short novel. It was sweet and sassy and made me fall in love with it.

TA Foster has a recognisable style to her writing that I love - it's comfortable to read and easy to fall into, and it really brings these New Adult characters to life. It's age appropriate and it only serves to strengthen the characters.

I liked the main character Eden, how she was strong despite her heartbreak. She's a pretty girl-power kind of gal. And she's selfless and helpful and all round pretty wonderful while still having real flaws. She ain't no Mary Sue.

Grey was quite a character too. He developed and changed as you got to know him through the pages - it was like meeting a real person and learning about them in real-time.

This author is fast becoming my go-to for a romantic NA fix!



  1. Hi Cora Linn! I enjoyed your review on this a lot, I saw your rating and status updates on goodreads and got really excited! Times like this I’m sorry I don’t live in the US. Thanks for the great post.

    1. I really enjoyed reading it :) It's was so fun and put me in an awesome mood.
      I know, it's such a gorgeous necklace!
      But keep an eye out, I run a few international contests too as parts of tours and blitzes and off my own back. Talking to a maker now about some bookish jewellery!

  2. Ah this sounds like a fun read :) I might have to check it out!


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