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23 May 2014

Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway: The Second Time I Saw You by Pippa Croft

It's the beginning of a new term at Wyckham College, Oxford, and a fresh start for Lauren Cusack. Her fingers were badly burnt when a whirlwind romance with gorgeous English aristocrat, Alexander Hunt, became too hot to handle - and now she's determined to keep her distance.

Her resolve is shaken when Alexander appears on her doorstep - he's been completely torn apart by some devastating news. Lauren knows that she should stay away, but their chemistry is undeniable and she soon finds herself back in Alexander's arms.

Can Lauren handle the drama that comes with Alexander Hunt? Or will she have to sacrifice the most exhilarating passion she's ever known...

5 Words: Passion, attraction, lust, loss, heartbreak.

I fell in love with Lauren and Alexander in the first book and my love for them continues.

The Second Time I Saw You starts on a rather sad note, but do not let that put you off.

Theirs is a passionate story filled with conflict and arseholes on all sides. It's addictive, compelling, sexy, and just as Lauren and Alexander can't get enough of each other, I can't get enough of them. This is the book I stayed up extra late to read and woke up extra early to continue.

I'll be honest, together they are a bit of a train-wreck, as bad as they are good for each other. But this is as good as a guilty pleasure will ever get, and when it's so hot who can complain?

I love Immy and Emma, even though they aren't the main characters. They compliment Lauren and Alexander so well.

I absolutely love to hate Rafe and Valentina. The drama and bitchiness is immense. Even if Rafe does make me feel physically sick!

I would definitely say you should read this series in order. There is so much that goes on in each book that you'll get so much more out of it. Plus, the passion just builds and builds. I'd call this New Adult meets Downton Abbey sexiness. Yum.

I'm itching for the second book already!


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