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08 May 2014

Blog Tour Review: Diamonds In the Sky by MA Harper


When struggling artist/shoe clerk Caddy Keyhoe stumbles across what may be a lost and untraceable diamond, her first reaction is down-to-earth: Maybe I can sell it. But how odd to be finding it in the gutter now, after last night’s dream of a UFO scattering bright gemstones. Research via Google leads her to the website of melancholy Alec Rix, semi-failed writer and newly-minted UFO authority—courtesy of his published interview with octogenarian Hatchell T. Beckham Sr., retired from farming and strangely eager to discredit the new crop circle on the Beckham property. The crop circle perpetrated by a neighborhood hoaxer. Or by those blazing diamond-shaped UFOs that just about everybody in Hopkins, South Carolina—except old Hatch—claims to have seen…? 

As Caddy’s art career takes a magical turn for the stratosphere, Alec’s friendship with Hatch deepens through the old farmer’s tale of his long-lost family. Could there be a book in this? the blocked author has to wonder. But when pursuit of the story sends him blundering into radiant Caddy on the biggest night of her life, priorities immediately change. Because what can it really mean, to “follow a star”? And what does Hawaii have to do with it? 

5 Words: Aliens! Not what I expected.

This was not at all what I expected. When I think aliens, I think "Oh, god. No thank you." But I decided to take a chance on this book and I'm very glad I did. It may even have changed my opinions about aliens in books.

When I started this book it was with Rihanna's song playing over and over in my head. And it kinda weirdly fit with the story, even if I was sick of the sound of it on repeat, a niggling little ear-worm which just wouldn't go.

This felt like such a summery book. It took me up and away from the kinda bad day I was having and made me smile (despite the ear-worm). I absolutely loved the narrative style, it was both comfortable and comforting to read.

I loved how cynical Caddy was. She was wry and dry and snarky and I immediately fell in love with her and her quirky habits. She was a real girl and I loved reading her parts the most. 

That's not to say that I didn't like Alec, it's just that he wasn't such a bright character.

I would say to take a chance and pick this up. It's worth it. It's magical and moving, but so subtle in its delivery. A guaranteed smile.

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