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27 June 2014

Review: The Girl Who Never Was by Skylar Dorset

Today is my birthday.

In Selkie's family, you don't celebrate birthdays. You don't talk about birthdays. And you never, ever reveal your birth date.

Until now.

The instant Selkie blurts out the truth to Ben in the middle of Boston Common, her whole world shatters. Because her life has been nothing but a lie-an elaborate enchantment meant to conceal the truth: Selkie is a half-faerie princess.

And her mother wants her dead.

5 Words: Oh, I'm a fairy princess.

Although I pretty much enjoyed this story overall, it was one hell of a confusing read.

This takes every fantasy/fairy tale trope and puts it on its head and never explains why anything's different. And that whole time thing was rather annoying, even if it did become a little endearing towards the end.

I felt that Selkie was a bit of a moaner, and perhaps even a little bit of a brat. There were times when I really didn't like her. She seemed to take everything a little too well. And so did her best friend, Kelsey. If someone told me I was a fairy princess and all that jazz, I wouldn't simply thing everything was OK and embark on some silly quest.

I liked the subtle romance between Selkie and Benedict, and Ben was a great character. Until we got to the end and it was like a role reversal where Ben was the unreasonable tool and Selkie was talking sense. It was out of character and pretty weird.

Despite my gripes with The Girl Who Never Was, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the next one. Because I liked what I read even if I did huff and roll my eyes.

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