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27 January 2015

NETBA Review: Allies & Assassins by Justin Somper

They killed his brother. Now they're coming for him...

As the second prince of Archenfield, Jared never asked to be more than the spare.

But behind the walls of the castle is a dark and dangerous court where murder and intrigue are never far below the surface.

Now his older brother is dead. The kingdom is his. And the target is on his back. Can he find the assassin before the assassin finds him?

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5 Words: Fantasy, mystery, intrigue, murder, royalty.

It's fair to say that this book got off to a shaky start. A very shaky start. In fact, I almost put it down. But I decided to persevere and by the end I found that I'd quite enjoyed it.

I think my favourite character was one that we didn't see very much of. There was something fascinating about Koel and I hope very much that she's featured more in the next book. There was something about her, the way she was so guarded and definitely hiding something, that made her absolutely intriguing. And I loved her sneaky ways too.

This book is very much a world-builder for the rest of the series, which did make for some slightly boring reading at times, but I'm a huge fan of mysteries and the mystery aspect of this book certainly made up for it.

The thread of mystery in this story is very cleverly written. First you're rushing in one direction, then another and then you start doubting yourself. And I never seriously considered the actual culprit even if it did cross my mind a few times.

I quite liked the almost flowery descriptions. But this is a case of personal preference, because the more flowery, extravagant and over the top the descriptions, the more I tend to like the book. The better the descriptions, the easier to get lost.

Overall this was a great read, quite absorbing and with some great characters. But you have to stick with it, and get past those first few chapters, before you can truly enjoy it.

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