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28 January 2015

NETBA Review: In Bloom by Matthew Crow

Francis Wootton's first memory is of Kurt Cobain's death and there have since been other hardships much closer to home.

At fifteen, he knows all about loss and rejection, and if he's honest, Francis - would-be poet, possible intellectual - feels he is wasted in Tyne and Wear.

Lower Fifth is supposed to be his time: but when he is diagnosed with leukaemia, a whole new world of worry presents itself. There's the horror of being held back a year at school, the threat of imminent baldness. But he hadn't reckoned on meeting Amber and finding a reason to tackle it all - the good the bad and everything in-between - head on.

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5 Words: Young-love, drugs, love, family, hope.

This was my first read of 2015 and it was amazing. And heart breaking. And it made me cry.

From the very first page, I knew this book would be special. I mean, it doesn't get more powerful that that first short page. That first page kind of stuns you, leaves you slightly breathless.

When I finished this book, I had tears streaming down my face. And I couldn't think straight. I still can't think straight, can't get my thoughts sorted into some sort of coherence for this review. So you're going to have to wait a little while for the full review.

Francis is a fantastic character. And his mum was awesome, I really loved her. The interactions between the two of them just made me smile, reminded me how awesome my own mum is.

This is not a book about cancer. And don't you dare go comparing it to The Fault in Our Stars as so many people have done.

There is something very British about In Bloom. The way it's written, the characters... And being set locally to me, I was very much at home reading it.

Read this book with a box of tissues and a huge cup of tea and then run around and recommend it to everyone.

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