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14 January 2015

Release Day Review: The Curvy Girls Club by Michele Gorman

Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane have been best friends since meeting at Slimming Zone. Tired of being judged on the number of calories they consume, they decide to form a different kind of club. The fun evenings they spend together, not worrying about their size, make them happier than they've been for years!

But the club doesn't stop real life from getting in the way and together the girls have to address some much bigger issues than just their weight…

Will Pixie ever be brave enough to leave her abusive husband Trevor? Can Jane ever regain her confidence and go back to work as a TV presenter? Will Katie always carry a torch for the office lothario? And what if Ellie lets her all-consuming jealousy destroy her relationship with ‘The One’?

Source: Review Consideration

5 Words: Friendship, fun, love, betrayal, prejudice.

This was such a fun and flirty and feel-good novel. It's a story that makes you laugh and fume and want to cry - it's a bit of a roller-coaster.

The characters were fantastically written, they were all so real and normal.

I identified a lot with Katie, the main character. I felt so happy, angry, sad, elated, all on her behalf. I just wish the the whole Katie-Rob thing had worked from the start. Her infatuation with the office man-slut annoyed me a little though, especially when everyone else, including the reader, could see that there was a much better man for her, just waiting for her to notice him.

I really disliked Pixie. She was, put simply, a bitch. A complete and utter bitch.

This is feel-good at its best, passionate and well-written.

If you're looking for something to escape into, to make you feel great about yourself, and to have a laugh, pick this up.


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