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16 February 2015

TOUR - Review and Excerpt: Second Death by Emily Reese

When Meghan Monroe went missing, her twin brother Mike swore to find her. The harder he looked, the less he seemed to find until he came across a book called The Collector. If his hunch is correct, his professor, Claire Wallace, holds the key to finding his sister. But no one knows better than Claire that finding Meghan might be the least of Mike's worries.

After he ignores her warnings to go home and forget about the book, Claire must make a choice: let Mike's discoveries lead him to certain death, or face down her own demons to help him. Knowing The Collector is much more fact than fiction, Claire must decide whether to protect the secret she has kept for eighty years, or reveal her true nature to save another girl from sharing the same dark fate.

Source: Blog Tour | Review Consideration

5 Words: Vampires, family, revenge, cruelty, love.

This was a very different vampire story. And I definitely enjoyed it a lot.

Second Death was very cleverly written and despite how dark the subject matter seemed at times - dark? Maybe I mean grim - it still made me smile and cheered me up a little despite the week I'd had. The story took everything you think you know about vampires from pop culture and turned it on its head. With the help of a vampire lecturer in pop culture. I mean, HOW CLEVER?

It's fair to say that I'm a fan of thrillers. In fact, when my nose isn't stuck in YA or NA or romance it's usually stuck between the pages of some gritty, atmospheric thriller that messes with your mind and makes you cringe. So how pleased was I when I started seeing threads of my dark-fiction-addiction showing up in this story? It was awesome! And I could not put it down.

The characters take a little getting used to. Until you know the motives of each of them, you'll probably be a little confused. But the confusion is worth it when all is revealed. And I'll stop now because I don't want to reveal too much myself.

In short?

This book is highly original and quirky and absolutely unputdownable. Read it. Even if you don't like vampires.


Below is an excerpt from the beginning of the story. I knew from the very first pages that this was going to be good and it did not disappoint.

Walking home, Erica mulled things over. Kevan seemed halfway decent. That would be awesome for Hailey. She needs a decent guy for once. Passing between the pools of light from the streetlamps, she couldn’t keep herself from smiling. It was a pretty great party.

Fleeting movement from the corner of her vision caused her to pause and look around. Her stomach rolled, like it did when she watched a horror movie. She strained her senses, trying to see something, hear something to explain her trepidation.

“Hello?” There was no response. Erica shook her head and moved along. What would you do if someone answered, you goose? She looked up and noticed one of the streetlights was out. The space of darkness it left filled her with foreboding. “You’re being ridiculous,” she told herself aloud. Head down, she jogged into the darkness.

A bystander would’ve seen a young, brunette woman disappearing into a shadow. If they were close enough, they might have heard a man’s voice whispering.

“Hello, sweetheart.”


  1. Love this review! Thanks so much for being part of the SECOND DEATH blog tour.
    Robyn Lane Publishing

  2. Thank you so much for this review. It's one of the first I've seen, and it brought tears to my eyes because I'm so happy you liked it. Made. My. Night.

    Wishing you the great feelings you've inspired in me.



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