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06 October 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #41

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and is a chance for everyone to get to know fellow bloggers and share lists. I love lists. Every week is a different list.

This week is Top Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit.
I actually found this list very difficult. And it made me think. And it made me realise that I should probably actually quit some of these things... Ooh and check out the post before this one, there's an awesome giveaway!
  • Reading Bad Books
    I really should just stop when a book is bad, but I hate when I have to DNF.
  • Completing a Series
    When I start a series, I have to finish. But this has led to a lot of bad books and a series going downhill. I should learn to quite when I'm ahead.
  • Buying Books
    Now, I don't mean not buying any books at all. I just mean exercising some self-restraint when I go into a bookshop. You know, not coming out with six books because it was 3 for 2 and isn't that a bargain?
  • NetGalley
    Too. Many. Books.
    My ratio/percentage is something stupid like 46%. There are just so many books and it's so easy to click away requesting everything.
  • Being Shy
    I'm quietly confident in life, cripplingly quiet online. That's something I need to sort out. Most people have it the other way around. I want to easily jump into all of these bookish conversations on Twitter.
  • Goodreads
    I'm never going to quit it completely, but I do need to stop spending all of my time on there not reading books. I read reviews and status updates and lists and blog posts, but I don't read books!
  • Not Planning
    What I really mean is that I have to start planning. I'm going to try and gets posts ready at least the day before instead of on the day.
  • Not Asking
    A lot of book bloggers ask publishers for books or to be put on blogger lists and such, but I don't. I just wait for the publisher/author to contact me. Which means I miss out on all of the good swag. Which sucks a bit.
  • Not Travelling
    I live waaaaay up North in the wild of Northumberland (ish) and so I miss pretty much every awesome book event in the UK. YALitCon? Too far. London Book Fair? Too far. Every blogger breakfast/brunch/picnic/cocktail party ever? Too far. YA Shot? Too far, but I had a lot of fun taking part in the blog tour. I need to change that and not be afraid to spend eight hours on a coach.
  • Procrastinating
    I got Queen of Shadows a couple of days before release (pre-order perk!) and I still haven't read past chapter 8. I'm putting it off. I'm purposely doing everything in my power not to read it. It's been over a month and I haven't read a single page. Because I don't want it to end or to have my sky high expectations dashed.


  1. OMG I feel you on this list. I'm also holding off and reading Queen of Shadows slowly for the same reason! So many of them I relate to so much. I'm not sure what your definition of too far is but to go to the book events I've been to I got 4-10 hours, most the signings are 4 hrs away so I make a 8 hr drive each day the longer ones normally are a weekend or such and I have a room but I have never regretted going to any of them. Grant it I live in the US but I plan to travel to the UK it's one place I really want to go to with all my heart! So hearing about some events might help me save up some money and plan a future trip around one of those ;)

    I'm also working on planning posts out in advance it's easier on me with my fluctuating work schedule and such. Good luck to both of us there!

    I also need to start asking for books as well at more than NetGalley. And with getting out there more on the internet that's why I started doing some of these weekly posts since it gives me a opening to start finding new blogs to me and such.

    Anywho great list, glad I found it :) My Top Ten

    1. Too far for me is one end of the country to the other. It's also really expensive, about £140 each was if I was to get the train :(

  2. Buying books & the Netgalley thing? Can totally relate. lol My TTT

  3. I can totally relate to the first two!
    My TTT:


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