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21 January 2016

Reading Lots of Books

This is something new for me, where I take a little while to sit down once a month with a cup of tea and just get whatever is on my mind off. I'd love if other people joined in too, just leave a comment or a link.
Reading Lots of Books
People think that because I read a lot of books, I must read quickly, speed read, not take it all in, read trash. How else could I hold down a full time job, a Guild Wars 2 addiction, and read about 4 books per week?
The truth is that I'm a slow reader.
I savour every word I read. I sit and day dream about what the characters might do in the following pages, I watch the imaginary film play out in my head, I dream cast the main characters. I get side-tracked by Google and Wikipedia and reference books. I think about what I would do in a similar situation. Sometimes I'll read passages, even whole chapters, out loud just to relish the rhythm of the written word.
I read so much because I love it.

I especially love everything that makes me a slow reader. I love reading, I love getting lost between the pages, exploring new worlds, meeting new people...
So I make time to read. And I make it easy.
If I'm on my break, I'll have a book in my hands. If it's particularly quiet at work, I'll have a book under the desk or the kindle cloud reader sneakily open in my browser. When night comes I turn off screens and read until I can't keep my eyes open any longer. If I'm waiting for a boss or an event on Guild Wars I'll prop a book in front of my screen.
Where people around me fill their time with TV and Facebook, I fill mine with books and Goodreads.

"Did you watch XYZ on TV last night?"
"No, but I read a great book!"
I always have my kindle and at least one book on my person at all times. If you walk into my house, then beware the piles of books, the overflowing shelves. Because books are in every room, on every surface, ready and waiting to be picked up. Genre doesn't matter - I love it all, I read it all.

I have multiple books on the go at any given time, usually different genres and formats. I dip in and out of them and rare is the book that keeps me occupied for its entirety without me sampling another.

I have a slap-dash approach when it comes to deciding what to read. Sometimes I'll ask for recommendations, I'll judge by cover, I'll pick the author I've read before or the one that I haven't. Maybe I'll like the title, or I'll dislike it, or I'll squint at the flowery font wondering what it actually says. Or maybe I'll close my eyes, spin around and point my finger.

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  1. I typically only read one at a time (well, one for me and then one with my 9 1/2 year old), but I read everywhere. On the bus, walking to the store, at work, in bed, at home while everyone else is watching something on tv... wherever and whenever I can :)


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