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07 February 2016

Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Song of the Sea Maid by Rebecca Mascull

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In the 18th century, Dawnay Price is an anomaly. An educated foundling, a woman of science in a time when such things are unheard-of, she overcomes her origins to become a natural philosopher.

Against the conventions of the day, and to the alarm of her male contemporaries, she sets sail to Portugal to develop her theories. There she makes some startling discoveries - not only in an ancient cave whose secrets hint at a

previously undiscovered civilisation, but also in her own heart. The siren call of science is powerful, but as war approaches she finds herself pulled in another direction by feelings she cannot control.

Source: Blog Tour | Review Consideration

5 Words: Circumstance, science, religion, discovery, adversity.

This was an excellent read that made me feel a little warm and fuzzy - and probably not for the reasons you'd think. Especially since there are plenty of heartbreaking scenes.

I loved Dawnay. She's just incredible, with a voracious mind and a fierce will and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants - even if that means questioning her own morals and beliefs. She is a rather straight-forward thinker and not the most emotional of people, so she does inadvertently hurt those around her. Despite that, I couldn't help but love her inquisitive self.

At the beginning I was a little thrown by the narration style. It did't quite sit right until a few chapters in when it all suddenly made sense. This is a very classically styled novel, and Dawnay's journey is incredible. She's quite a cynical thinker, and I loved how this came across in the narration.

My favourite part of this whole story was probably the caves. Out of everything, I thought that this was the most important catalyst to the story, the one thing that pushed the story in a different direction. They were brilliantly described, I could picture them perfectly and was just as infatuated as Dawnay.

I had hoped that there wouldn't be a romantic theme to this story, and despite an affair as controversial as the protagonist, it didn't steal from the wonder of the main story. And it made sense too, for the tensions to come to a romantic head.

This is a fantastic story about a fierce and independent young woman in a world where such a person just does not have a place in society. And it's amazing. It's challenging and I thought it was quite relevant even for today's world, hundreds of years later.


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  1. This sounds SO good!
    (Pick me! Pick me!)

  2. This sounds quite good, and I LOVE the cover.

    Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog.

    You have a nice blog.

    Have a good upcoming reading week.

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  3. I have this on my wish list. I loved 'The Visitor' cannot wait to read 'Song of the Sea Maid'Happy Blogging :-)

  4. This doesn't really look like my kind of read, but that cover is gorgeous!! Good luck to everyone in the giveaway. :)

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  8. Fab giveaway- would love to win and read :) thanks- Laura

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  9. India, Japan, Scandinavia and France. I can't pick just one!

  10. I would love to travel to Thailand x

  11. I would like to travel to New Zealand

  12. The Caribbean looks appealing.

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