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05 September 2016

YA Shot Blog Tour: Eleanor Wood talks Songs and Stories

There are just under two months to go until the big event itself and I am only too happy to support my one true love: UKYA. Today I have the pleasure of hosting the wonderful Eleanor Wood, one of my favourite UKYA authors. Her writing is fantastic, authentic, and brave and you can read my review of Secret Rockstar Boyfriend here.

Go and head over to the YAShot website, check out the line up and book tickets, and keep an eye on the #YAShot hashtag on Twitter where you can find more stops on the tour and more giveaways.

Songs and Stories

This is a story about books and writing (I promise). But it starts with music. It often does…

The first time I ever saw Bat for Lashes was at Glastonbury. It was around the time her first album, Fur and Gold, came out. She was beautiful in glitter and feathers and headbands; her songs were about creativity and magic, and at one point she instructed the audience to howl like wolves. I fell in love on the spot.

That night before I went to sleep, in the camper van I was sharing with three other people, I scribbled notes in my little notebook – so I wouldn’t forget how her songs had made me feel.



At the end of Glastonbury weekend, I went home – muddy and tired but happy – and I started writing. I started and – for the first time ever – I didn’t stop.

I wrote my first-ever full-length novel, sitting up late every night at the kitchen table. It was around then I started drinking coffee.

That novel was never published, but it got me an agent and made me take writing seriously for the first time in my life. It made me take myself seriously for the first time in my life. It was the first time I ever truly felt: OK, maybe I can really do this.

I still love Bat for Lashes.

There are many things I do that kick start my creativity and writing powers if I feel like they are flagging: cashew nuts, red lipstick, switching between computer and longhand, going for a walk, going for a run, having a long bath, going to a new place…

But the biggest one is music. I listen to music and it makes me want to do great things and change the world.

I listen to Patti Smith and I want to channel her energy.

I listen to Nirvana and I remember how I felt the first time I ever heard them and my life changed forever.

I listen to Prince and I dance around like an idiot.

I am working on a new book. I was up writing late last night, until I was so tired I could hardly see. So I got into a very hot bath and listened to Fur and Gold by Bat for Lashes, the whole album, all the way through. Then I went back to my kitchen table and wrote a bit more…

Eleanor Wood is the author of My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend – a book about music, friendship and blogging. Her second book, Becoming Betty – about girls in bands, set in Brighton – is coming out in 2017.

She blogs about books and music (among other things) at

You can follow her on Twitter at @eleanor_wood



  1. Now I really want to read this!

  2. Looks like a pretty interesting read :)

  3. I have been wanting to read this for ages so fingers crossed, there has been some great music YA books recently

  4. This looks really good I would love to have the chance to read it x

  5. I loved Eleanor's 2nd book, so I really look forward to getting to this one. I've had it on my TBR for ages 🙈
    Amy x


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