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06 October 2016

Blog Tour: Thursdays in the Park by Hilary Boyd

Jeanie has been married for thirty years, but her husband George has become so cold and distant she may as well be alone. Surely, at just sixty, a loveless marriage can't be the only thing left on the horizon? Then, one Thursday in autumn, Jeanie meets Ray in the park, and a chance meeting blossoms into a friendship.

They talk, laugh, share hopes and secrets and heartbreaks.

They offer each other a second chance at life and love.

But will they have the courage to take it?

Source: Blog Tour | Review Consideration | NetGalley Request

5 Words: Secrets, family, love, life, relationships.

This was a perfect read for when the evenings are drawing in.

I loved Jeanie, and how despite her age she still had dreams and aspirations, she wasn't content to be old and do old-people-things. She kept her character, she kept who she was, despite a husband trying very hard to stop her for so much of her life. So many older characters in books seem content to be old and I loved reading Jeanie's joie de vivre.

This is definitely not a super-slow, relaxing read. Despite the languorous (and quite sad) beginning, it goes on to pack a surprising punch with its pace and its wit and is thoroughly enjoyable. I couldn't put it down!

Don't let the age of the protagonist put you off - I'm in my mid twenties and found this book refreshing and delightful.


  1. This seems to be an interesting book. Adding it to my TBR.😊


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