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02 December 2016

Second Day of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas, Cora gave to me...

🎄Signed copy of The Look by Sophia Bennett🎄

When  I was at YA Shot I picked up a second copy of one of my favourite Sophia Bennett books and she very kindly signed it for me. The Look is perfect for fans of Geek Girls and Fashionista.

Ted doesn't think of herself as glamorous. But her gorgeous sister Ava is.
So when it's Ted who spotted by a model agency, at the same time that Ava is diagnosed with cancer, things have clearly gone very wrong. Ted isn't interested in modelling but Ava wants her to give it a try.
Just how far will Ted go to please her sister? And what sacrifices will she have to make?

This giveaway is UK/Ireland only.


  1. Yes and I would if I had to.

  2. I have a younger sister, and yes if I ever needed to i'd do anything for her :)

  3. I have a little sister, and yes I would :)

  4. Yes. No, as I don't know what their dreams are. I'd like us all to have a Good Quality of Life. Health, Wealth and Happiness can be Good for us all. I would like a Fairer Society. As it seems the rich get richer, whilst others are expected to work harder and harder for what little they can access.

    Rachel Craig


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