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06 December 2016

Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas, Cora gave to me...
🎄A signed copy of Lydia by Natasha Farrant🎄

This was one of the YAShot Group Reads this year and it was so much fun. I picked up a signed copy at YA Shot especially for this giveaway. I had already heard a lot about the book at YALC when I attended a workshop by the author on re-imagining classics. It was my favourite workshop and I wish I know who I'd been grouped with, because I think our Mrs Norris story idea was amazing.

Lydia is the youngest Bennet sister and she's sick of country life - instead of sewing and reading, she longs for adventure.
When a red-coated garrison arrives in Merryton, Lydia's life turns upside down. As she falls for dashing Wickham, she's swept into a whirlwind social circle and deposited in a seaside town, Brighton. Sea-bathing, promenades and scandal await - and a pair of intriguing twins.
Can Lydia find out what she really wants - and can she get it?
“It has started to snow. We all ran out when it began, and played at catching flakes as we used to when we were children. But it was cold, and our boots and gloves and cloaks were soon wet - you feel these things more when you are grown-up.” 


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