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27 December 2016

SundayYAthon at Christmas

The amazing Rachel, the brains behind #SundayYA, is hosting another SundayYAthon and I couldn't be more excited. I've already hit my reading target for the year, but after utterly failing the last readathon, I am GOING TO COMPLETE THIS ONE.

What I'm Reading

I've decided to read five books this time, as well as completing the challenge. I'm working over the readathon, so as well as discreetly reading under my desk when it's quiet, I will likely be listening to at least one as an audiobook on my way to/from work. Some of the books hit multiple categories, so I've got that one nailed in just three books.

I'll tick them off as I go, and if you click on the title it'll take you to my review. Here are my books:

I'm using my KnockKnock You Are Here bookmarks to make notes, drinking lots of tea, and stuffing my face with chocolate oranges. Nom nom nom. So expect reviews to finish up the end!

I'd better go pick up a book now...

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  1. It's great to see such great posts about my little corner of the Internet!


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