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28 March 2017

Blog Tour: Reviews: Bamboo Trilogy by Ann Bennett


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I'm doing something a little differently here - I am reviewing the trilogy as a whole. Although all three books stand up fantastically in their own right, this delightful (and heartbreaking) trilogy comes together to paint an astounding portrait of Thailand during World War Two.

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5 Words on Bamboo Heart: Family, revenge, war, friendship, loyalty.
5 Words on Bamboo Island: Memories, family, love, passion, war.
5 Words on Bamboo Road: Family, loyalty, war, resistance, memories.

As a whole this trilogy is a fantastic glimpse into a war-torn Asia. I loved how family bonds and friendship and loyalty ties the series together as a whole, set against the harsh background of war in an occupied country.

There are threads of mystery throughout each of the stories, and this kept me reading. I wanted so badly to uncover the secrets of the past.

The characters are fantastic. I think my favourite is probably Laura, from Bamboo Heart, the descendant of a POW. I just loved how she was strong enough to pretty much put her life on hold, how she had this sparkling curiosity and large heart.

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