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21 March 2017

Top Ten Tuesday #83

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and is a chance for everyone to get to know fellow bloggers and share lists. I love lists. Every week is a different list.

This week is Top Ten Books I Read in One Sitting.

This is something I don't really do so often anymore, because ADULTING SUCKS, but when it happens it's magic. I love it when I can't put a book down.

Which books kept you turning the pages?


  1. Adulting is literally the worst. I'm pushing 40 and I still feel like I'm faking it.

    Loved The Screaming Staircase! I really should continue with that series...

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Me too! I've only read the first three (and the novella) but for some reason haven't got round to the others :O

  2. Adulting is def time consuming. Did you enjoy the Gilded Cage? I did not. ugh.

    1. I did, I got completely swept away by it. But I'm a sucker for dystopian and felt it had the same feel despite being AU fantasy.

  3. The Bunker Diary is the darkest most depressing book ever. No happiness at all. Sigh. I kept thinking it would get better. Double sigh.
    My TTT, a day late

  4. I really enjoyed Gilded Cage but I'm pretty sure I read it in a squllion little chunks, because life *sigh*


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