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11 May 2017

#BroodyBFF: Once Upon A Time...

Do you remember when you met your one true love? I remember when I met mine...

I remember that I had had the strangest dream the day after Alec left me for the miller's daughter. The day my life changed forever. I woke up that morning with memories of a masked stranger, of dancing in his arms at a grand ball in a castle. I woke up that morning with memories of piercing eyes gazing at me through the mask

But that would be ridiculous because I have never been in a castle, never mind to a ball. I am just a farmer's daughter in a small village near the coast.

That morning I had already fed the chickens and milked the goat by the time my mother had arrived back from the far pasture. She rushed in to our cottage, her face flushed, her breath ragged. She had been running.
"Mother, what is it?" I jumped up from my position by the hearth, where I had been tending the fire and making tea.

"There is no time!" She gasped at me, grabbing the sides of my face and looking in to my emerald green eyes. "I wish I had told you sooner but now it is too late. I had hoped... It doesn't matter now, I have to tell you!"

"Tell me what, mother?" I whispered, gently guiding her to a chair. "Mother, what is wrong?"

"Oh my darling, I am so sorry." She sadly tucked a lock of my garnet coloured hair behind my ear. "I am not your mother. You are the daughter of Marianne du Lac. You are the Lost Duchess. And now they have come to take you to the palace."

Before I could take it in there was a loud crash and the door slammed open.

And it was him. The stranger from my dreams. I would recognise those striking eyes anywhere.
This post is part of the Brooding YA Hero #BroodyBFF Streetteam Challenge. And I had way too much fun with it.


  1. Oh my god this is genius, is there a single YA cliche you didn't use? This is just too funny!

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  2. Oh my God, this is fantastic xD So much teenage YA cliche's rolled into one post. Thanks for writing!

    Emma. xx

  3. This is amazing and made me giggle so much! 💖


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