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19 May 2017

Blog Tour: Book Review: The Finding of Martha Lost by Caroline Wallace

Liverpool, 1976: Martha is lost.

She’s been lost since she was a baby, abandoned in a suitcase on the train from Paris. Ever since, she’s waited in lost property for someone to claim her. It’s been sixteen years, but she’s still hopeful.

Meanwhile, there are lost property mysteries to solve: a suitcase that may have belonged to the Beatles, a stuffed monkey that keeps appearing. But there is one mystery Martha has never been able to solve – and now time is running out. If Martha can’t discover who she really is, she will lose everything… 

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5 Words: Lost, family, love, truth, loss.

This book was full of wonder and whimsy, and I found it only too easy to suspend disbelief and plunge head first into Martha'a magical world.

Martha is a bit of a weird one, but from her story it's easy to see why. She has a bit of an old soul, a way of looking at the world that goes past the surface. At times she seems so worldly. Then something happens and you remember that she isn't, she's just this scared little girl who has never even left Lime Street Station, never felt the sun direct on her skin.

I did like that I was never quite sure of Martha. I was never sure what was in her head and what was real, what she saw in her visions or with her eyes. When she first described George Harris I wasn't sure what she truly meant, and it was only when properly introduced that I started to trust Martha more.

As insular as Martha's world is, the author has put so much into the setting. Sights and smells and colours and people. The descriptions were sometimes so vivid that I even felt a bit sick at times - sorry, William! I loved the music and dance and the passion of the characters. Except Mal. No one likes Mal.

There are lots of small mysteries, but there is also huge a thread of mystery throughout the story, and I have to admit that I hadn't worked it out until just a few paragraphs before the reveal! It was a great feeling, coming to the same conclusion at the same time as the character.

But what about that suitcase in the basement??

This was a wonderful, wistful, whimsical read, an enchanting story.


  1. I so want to read this book now, even though one of the teachers at college who made my life hell was also named Martha. This Martha seems like a lot more fun, the way you described her personality makes me wanna read her story.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  2. I haven't heard about this book but after reading your review I'm definitely going to add it to my Amazon basket! Sounds really intriguing!

  3. WOW I really want to read this book now and normally I wouldn't have looked twice at it!!! It sounds like a book i can get lost in!

  4. Hi, I have not heard of this book before but I wsnt to read it now after your review.

  5. An unreliable-ish narrator + whimsy?!? Sign me right up! You've made this book sound like such a great read, especially with that twist you didn't see till it had almost happened!


    1. Unreliable narrators are like my catnip - I love the uncertainty!

  6. I love the sound of this book! I already have a huge list of books I'm going to read but I'll be saving this one for later, it sounds like a perfect summer read!
    Claire xo


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