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05 August 2017

The Contemporary YA I Love (#BroodyWeek)

Broody Week is a bit like Shark Week. But with less teeth and blood and more dazzling orbs and tousled manes. And it's come about because life has gotten in the way of my BroodyBFF duties, which is very sucky, because I love Broody.

If someone asks me which YA genre is my favourite, I'll probably say Contemporary. But that's not strictly true. I find that YA is much more likely to be cross-genre fiction and I can never pigeonhole it in to just one genre. These books will not just be contemporary, but they are some of my favourites. But here are my top three. It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to just these because I read a lot and give my love freely to books.

Lucas by Kevin Brooks
Family, friendship, prejudice, community, vigilante...
This book is haunting. Once you read it, it will stay with you forever. It is violent and real, heartbreaking and shocking. Immensely moving.

Darkmere by Helen Maslin
Romance, history, partying, summer, horror...
Darkemere is a dark and brooding and atmospheric book that comes to life before you. It was really quite exceptional.
Songs About A Girl by Chris Russell
Friendship, fame, betrayal, bullying, family...
It confronts online bullying and trolling head on show that consequences of every action can be huge. A very addictive story.

What's your favourite Contemporary YA?

This post is part of the Brooding YA Hero #BroodyBFF Streetteam Challenge.


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