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12 November 2017

Blog Tour: The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop by Caroline Roberts

Emma is the proud owner of The Chocolate Shop by the Sea, nestled in the heart of the cosy seaside village that’s become her home. With Christmas right around the corner, she and her assistant Holly are busy cooking up the locals’ festive favourites.

From cinnamon hot chocolates to reindeer lollipops, Christmas wouldn’t taste the same without a little cocoa magic. And for Emma it’s the perfect distraction from her romantic pains of the past. So when the shop’s miserly landlord threatens to hike up the rent, Emma’s Christmas and New Year suddenly look a lot less cheerful.

With the whole village rallying behind her – and loyal spaniel Alfie by her side – Emma’s determined to hold onto her chocolate-box dream.

The chocolate calendar countdown is on. Can Emma rescue her business and her broken heart?

We all know I love books, but there is a special place in my heart for local authors. So when I found out that Caroline Roberts had another book out I squeaked with excitement and jumped at the chance to get in there with a mini-Q&A. I have previously had the lovely author on to talk about castles, something we have in abundance in Northumberland, and you can read that post here.

But here are three wee questions to get to know the author, and her new book The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop, a little better.

Q&A with Caroline Roberts

We know Alfie is inspired by your own lovely dog! Could you tell us a little bit about him?

It’s a she, called Meg. She’s a brown cocker spaniel and has been a best friend for years. She has walked a lot of Northumberland with me, even doing the training for my marathon Moonwalk, through the landscapes that inspire my books. We’ve often gone out on research missions together to get more details on locations such as Bamburgh Beach for My Summer and we did the coastal walk to Craster for The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop. She can’t walk so far now though, bless her, as she’s getting rather old at 15 and is a bit blind and deaf.

Without giving too much away, the novel is also about grief and loss. Could you tell us a bit about why that’s something which is important to you?

I think the love stories in my novels need roots in real issues, and real-life relationships can be complex. I wanted Emma to have had a difficult past and to explore how that might impact on her relationships in the future. I think it also defines a lot of her characteristics. I did some research on this type of grief, and it was so interesting and heart-wrenching to learn about.

Why do you think gorgeous seaside towns like your fictional Warkton-by-the-Sea appeal to readers so much? What is it about them that allows us to escape?

There are such beautiful locations in Northumberland. You can imagine escaping to the settings in my books as they are quite idyllic. Warkton-by-the-Sea is a mash-up of Craster harbour with the main street of Warkworth with its pretty stone cottages. The harbours, sandy bays, dunes, castles, and the colours of sea and sky come across vividly as I know and love the area so much. I think another factor is that they are also small villages with close communities that feel warm and supportive, somewhere you’d like to go and stay or to live.


  1. Great interview Cora! I adore books set at the seaside, though I think one of the main reasons for that is that I want to and can't yet. The book sounds lovely!
    Amy x

  2. lovely interview, cora! a book i will definitely be adding to my reading list over christmas :) i visited nortumberland quite recently too so im excited to read a book based there!

    katie. xx

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