04 December 2017

Mills & Boon Monday #1

The magic of Christmas…

Abandoned by his mother on Christmas Day, James Hammond wishes he could simply erase the date. So when his company buys a new toy store devoted to Christmas, he wants to seal the deal and get home. Until he finds himself injured and under the care of employee Noelle!

Nobody loves Christmas more than young widow Noelle Fryberg! But could she be the one to change his mind and melt the millionaire's guarded heart?

The Men Who Make Christmas 
Meet the Hammond brothers – will they find their own happiness under the mistletoe?

Source: Mills & Boon Insiders

5 Words: Christmas, family, tradition, community, change.

When it comes to Mills & Boon I'm a strictly Modern type of girl. Or so I thought. Because now I have read my first Cherish and I can't believe I've been missing out on such sweetness.

Christmas with her Millionaire Boss was a fantastic festive read. It had all of the feel-good, cheesy joy of a Hallmark Christmas Movie and it was a delight to read. I kind of want to read it again already! It has put me right in the mood for Christmas.

Noelle is just adorable. She is so full of Christmas, despite a name which you'd think would lead her to hating the season. She loves the joy and the love, how families are brought together, and all she wants to do is share it with everyone. She is so resilient, and I loved how she fought her own internal battles with her emotions and feelings of guilt and obligation.

I loved James as well. He was pretty much your typical rich Scrooge type, but he had lots of layers and his own background to battle against.

Add in some misunderstandings and you have a cute and Chrismassy read, and I loved it.

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