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07 December 2017

My Favourite Things About Bookshops At Christmas

I love bookshops at any time of the year, but there's something extra special about them at Christmas. They're always that little bit busier, and there is extra Stuff. And I love a shop that sells Stuff. Then you have the extra passionate staff.

The Stuff
I love Stuff. All of those bits and bobs that you can only usually find in special Stuff Shops, the tat and the novelty items and the tiny things you never thought you needed, but you are certainly taking to the till.

The Christmas Book Table
When this appears, I end up stationed next to it for around an hour, reading the synopsis of each book. And the first few pages. And then picking it up and taking it to the till.

Staff Recommendations
So yeah, I could talk to booksellers all day about books. Which bookworm couldn't? But there's something extra special about the quick, impassioned recommendations when you're looking for that perfect gift.

Special Drinks in the Cafe
I love a good season drink, they're a little bit more magical, more special than a regular flavoured coffee. They have all of these extra flourishes and are extra delicious. Mmm.

The People
I usually dislike crowded places, but it's different in a bookshop. It's more hushed, calmer. And busy bookshops make my heart happy. I love being able to just lean over and interrupt strangers with recommendations and push my favourites on unsuspecting browsers. And when it's busy I can do that more.

What's your favourite thing about Bookshops at Christmas?


  1. GREAT list!! I acre, bookshops around the holidays are so much fun! I'm a total sucker for how they decorate for certain holidays.

  2. That's so true about a crowded bookshop, it's still calm and fun!


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