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02 December 2017

Seasonal Reading

Every December, I put my usual TBR aside and pick up only festive books. And I love it.

It's only something I started doing when I started specifically book blogging, but it brings me endless Christmassy joy. It builds me up for Christmas, fills my heart with joy and warmth and fun and love.

Where I Get My Festive Books
  • From my Shelves
    I reread a lot of books anyway, but there are some books that I just have to read every year, they just make Christmas for me.
  • The Christmas Table at the Bookshop
    I love it when this table appears on the shop floor, piled high with festive books. It's a mountain of pretty blues and glitter and foil and I am drawn to it like a magpie because #Shiny.
  • Searching 'Christmas' on NetGalley
    Yup, it's as easy as that. A lot of them are 'Read Now' too! It can be a bit of a gamble as to whether they will all be Romance or filled with Sexy Time though.
  • Searching 'Christmas' on Amazon
    This is how I find festive freebies for my kindle. There tend to be a fair few novellas too which means I can pad out my Goodreads Challenge while reading what I love, because I am invariably behind by December.
  • Audible 'Deal of the Day'
    This doesn't yield much in terms of festive reads, but every so often a little gem crops up, and I love listening to something festive as I wrap presents or head out Christmas shopping.

Do you read books to suit the season?

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  1. I have three holiday books on my TBR this month. Fingers crossed I can get to all three! :)


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