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30 January 2018

Review: Ink by Alice Broadway

For twenty days I remained formless and void, until one day my mother said, “let her be Leora.”

And I was Leora. The word was punched with miniscule needles into my flesh. Tiny letters that have grown with me for sixteen years.

Every action, every deed, every significant moment is tattooed on your skin for ever.

When Leora's father dies, she is determined to see her father remembered forever. She knows he deserves to have all his tattoos removed and made into a Skin Book to stand as a record of his good life.

But when she discovers that his ink has been edited and his book is incomplete, she wonders whether she ever knew him at all.

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5 Words: Family, secrets, stories, identity, truth.

Why did I leave this so long?

I was being recommended it left, right, and centre, and yet I still didn't pick it up. Someone gave me their copy, and I still didn't pick it up.

I think I was a little bit intimidated by the beautiful cover for this book. It's absolutely stunning, and it gave me Expectations.

It was January's Northern Book Blogger book so I picked it up. And wow.

Thankfully, Ink lived up to the cover. It was fantastic.

I loved the stories within the story, how some of them were instantly recognisable as tales we know, and some were unique to the world of Ink.

I loved the mystery of the story, the twists and turns as I read. I did find it a little easy to guess the big twist, but I didn't enjoy the story any less for it.

The concept of the story is unique, and it really got me thinking. I liked the exploration of religion and prejudice, the visibility of everyone's lives on their skin.


  1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed this.It was one of my favourites from last year

  2. Oh I was drawn in by the cover to this book but the way you have described the story I want to grab a copy and spend the weekend reading it.

  3. Omgoodness this cover is stunning and this book is something I would definitely enjoy, thank you for sharing! The cover captured me but your review made me want to read it even more.

  4. Great review.From the review, it is a book I think I would enjoy

  5. Sometimes I wonder how authors think up such unique stories. This sounds like a really interesting one. I'm such a bookworm but I've been so lapse on reading lately, need to start back up.

  6. I am really glad you enjoyed the book. I am curious about now and have added to my amazon list ;) xx corinne

  7. Ooo, this sounds good - the front cover of it looks so interesting! I'll definitely have to look more into it. I wish there was more time in the day to read all the books I have!


  8. If you were to judge a book by its cover this one would be incredible! Glad it surpassed your expectations and lived up to the cover x


  9. Why have a I not read this book yet? Thanks for linking to the British Books Challenge x


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