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16 January 2018

Top Ten Tuesday #114

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and is a chance for everyone to get to know fellow bloggers and share lists. I love lists. Every week is a different list.

This week is Top TenBookish Resolutions/Goals.

I read some absolutely amazing books last year, and found some new auto-buy authors. Take a peek at my favourite new-to-me authors from last year.
  1. Put Money in the Jar
    Aoife at Pretty Purple Polka Dots posted about this last year, I jumped on it too and I saved £150. Yaay. So I'm doing it again this year, putting £1 in a jar for every book I finish.
  2. Read Less
    I'm putting less pressure on myself to read a huge amount, and so far I've actually read a lot more.
  3. Review Promptly
    I am terrible for shoving "Review to Come" as a placeholder on Goodreads and then never actually writing the review.
  4. Get my NetGalley Ratio Up
    I went super click-happy the first couple years I was on NetGalley much to the detriment of my ratio, and now I'm going to beat that backlist.
  5. Get on a Blogger/Reviewer List
    I would love to get on just one more blogger list this year. Greedy? Perhaps. But I'm only on four, and I'd love to think I was good enough for the big guys.
  6. Bookstagram More
    I settled on a fairy simple and vague theme for my Instagram in November. Basically everything is black and white.
  7. Apply to be a Rep
    I doubt it'll come to anything as my Insta isn't colourful flat lays like 99% of reps, but something different might stand out. Or so I tell myself.
  8. Read More Non-Fiction
    I want to push myself a little more outside of my comfort zone and read more non-fiction. I'm aiming for one a month.
  9. Listen More
    I'm going to listen to more audiobooks and really take advantage of my Audible subscription.
  10. Read Subscription Box Books
    I have been getting bookish subscription boxes for a while, but it usually takes me ages to read the book. I'm going to try and start as soon as possible after I receive the box in future.

What are your bookish goals for 2018?


  1. I've done number 2, and I have also read more, which I'm really happy about! My review system means I don't really write reviews except at the end of a month, but I need to get my notes written as I never do and then it's too overwhelming 🙈. Hope you manage to achieve all of these 💜
    Amy xx

  2. I hope to review more on Goodreads this year, too. Good luck with your goals this year!

  3. Oh, I like the jar thing. I might have to do that :) Great goals and good luck!

  4. I'd never heard of putting money in a jar for every book you finish reading, but I love that idea. I think I might do it this year, too.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  5. So many of these goals are ones that I want to work towards to. The money jar thing is so cool! I've never heard of that before but I definitely want to start doing it!! Let me tell you girl...audiobooks are the bomb! I only just started listening to them last year and I'm already addicted!! Also - I have a goal too to read the books that come with subscription boxes on the actual month that they arrive. I have so many subscription box books sat on my shelf and I don't want them to build up all unread like that. My TTT is here:

  6. Being a rep would be so much fun!
    My list:

  7. Hi! I find that when I put less pressure on myself to read, I read more too! :)
    My TTT

  8. Great goals! I love the money jar idea, but I'd never have any change to put in there!
    My TTT:

  9. Oh, I like the idea of putting a dollar in the jar for every book read. How fun! And a nice way to save. :) I also need to work on reviewing books much quicker after I finish them.


  10. Wow! 150 in your jar is pretty impressive. I'm doing the same this year, well, kind of. I'm putting it into a savings account so I can't touch it!

    1. I had to switch out the pound coins for notes so it would felt, it was a fun way to save :)

  11. Good luck with all of your resolutions! I admit, I am the same about taking ages to review something. I finally just decided I don't HAVE to review every book that I read. So I am putting less pressure on myself that way. :D

  12. Wow, congrats on saving all that money last year. This is a really great idea but I read so slowly I doubt I'll end up with much :D
    Good luck with all your goals for the year!

  13. These are fab goals! I really like the idea of putting money in the jar I attempted this concept when I was younger and always came in handy when summer time came around for me lol. Don't worry I have a section on my site saying "coming soon" for a while not lol but thanks for reminding me. Best wishes with all your goals! :)

    xx Lena |


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