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24 February 2018

Review: Love, Simon (film)

I was lucky enough to see a free advance showing of Love, Simon on 19th February at my local cinema with a few Northern Book Blogger pals, and I loved it that much I couldn't not share. It honestly filled my heart with warm fuzzies and it made my eyes leak and my mascara run (top tip: don't wear mascara when you see it).

Love, Simon is a delightful film, and it is definitely one that is needed. I don't recall a film hitting me quite so hard. It got me right in the feels from the very start.

I loved the soundtrack, The Kinks are totally my jam. It was very hard not to sing along.

Of course, I'd already read the book that the film is based on, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, and I loved that too. Based solely on the trailer, I had expected some differences to canon, and it was interesting to watch them on screen.

Did it Differ?

Yes, quite a bit. I wouldn't say that it was a huge difference in terms of how it all ended, but the journey from the start was very different. Some of my favourite scenes were cut (boo) but at the same time some of my favourite scenes were kept (yay).

While I can understand why most of the changes were made, I just cannot get my head around the changes made to the play. I just don't get why that was changed, and I didn't like how it was portrayed on screen. It felt almost like an excuse for a girl prancing around in lingerie which would otherwise not fit in the film and I just didn't like it. At all. But that's the only change that really bugged me.

The Verdict?

It was amazing.

So yes, go and see Love, Simon even if you've read the book. It does the book justice even with the changes, and is sure to make your heart sing with love and joy and fuzziness.

100% would recommend.

Love, Simon releases in the UK on 06/04/2018 so get your tickets booked. I for one can't wait to see it again.


  1. I was initially super sceptical about this because I love the book as much as I do, especially with the title change which I'm not super keen on, but after seeing trailers and hearing people's posituve thoughts, I'm really excited to see it now!
    Amy xx

  2. It was great being able to get to see this film with the Northern Book Bloggers and now I am really excited to pick up the book!

  3. I loved this film. I still need to read the book though


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