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03 April 2018

Blog Tour: Guest Post: Summer Theatre By The Sea by Tracy Corbett

This book is the perfect summer read for when the sun is shining, and as spring (and hopefully summer) creep closer it helps brighten those sunny days even more. It's uplifting and hopeful and pretty much summer sunshine in book form.

Summer Theatre By The Sea by Tracy CorbettAdd to Goodreads
A summer to remember…
Charlotte Saunders has always loved the buzz of city life. So, when she finds herself abruptly fired, dumped and forced to leave London to move in with her sister Lauren in Cornwall, she thinks the world is ending.

To keep herself busy in the quiet coastal town, Charlotte agrees to help the local drama group. Designing the set for their performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, just for the summer, while she figures out her next career move. But could days at the beach, new friends and a dashingly handsome doctor, change Charlotte’s mind? Suddenly Cornwall doesn’t look so boring after all…

Tracy Corbett on
The Setting for
The Summer Theatre by the Sea

The setting for The Summer Theatre by the Sea is the beautiful county of Cornwall. My partner’s mother lives there, so it’s a place I visit frequently and never tire of going to. My story is set in the fictional town of Penmullion, but it’s based on a few key places. The town itself is based on Looe, with its sloping hills, winding narrow lanes and stunning views overlooking the English Channel. Looe is essentially a fishing port, and the harbour is the main focus of the town. There’s a great mix of quirky shops and restaurants, and it’s lovely to wander around window shopping and enjoying the art shops. New Year is a particularly fun time to visit. Every year they host a massive street party, with locals and visitors dressing up in the most bizarre costumes. And boy, do they take fancy dress to a whole new level! I’ve seen everything from Noah and his Ark (animals in tow), to a group of lads dressed as Crayola crayons (wearing only trunks, their bodies spray-painted – in winter!) A rival group of lads were dressed as Smurfs, spray-painted blue, but with the addition of white hats. Add in Star Wars characters, Harry Potter, Thunderbirds and Batman & Robin, and it’s quite a sight! It all culminates with a massive firework display on the beach at midnight, followed by a sea swim next morning by a few brave souls. 
Penmullion beach is based on the cove at Seaton. It’s a very pretty beach with sand dunes and a craggy rock face. It’s popular with families looking for a sandy beach and dog walkers alike. Stunning on a summer’s day, but harsh when the weather’s bad, as it’s so exposed. There’s a wooden cafĂ© that I’ve used in the book, which is a lovely place to stop off and have a warm drink or a spot of lunch. They have bench-seats outside, so you can enjoy the scenery and people-watch – my favourite pastime. Unfortunately, due to the bad storms a couple of years ago, it was destroyed. But the owners have rebuilt it, and it was great to visit again last summer and see the business thriving. 
It’s probably no surprise that The Corineus Theatre is based on The Minack in Penzance. What a stunning venue. The stage is cut into the rock face, looking almost as if its suspended in thin air. With the waves crashing behind and the wind swirling around the stone walls, it’s quite a spectacle. I hadn’t realised until visiting the theatre to watch a production of Amadeus that the cast are all amateurs. Each summer season various amateur groups from around the country travel down to Cornwall to put on a show. The quality of the shows are brilliant, and it’s quite an honour to be chosen to perform there. Naturally, as someone who loves amateur dramatics, I was captivated, my creative juices began to flow and the idea to write a story was born.

Summer Theatre by the Sea Blog Tour


  1. I've been to Cornwall once, when I was in school for a surfing and activities holiday and thought it was beautiful. Would love to go back as an adult. This is such a cute cover!


  2. Cornwall sounds amazing, and love the sound of the New Year's celebration! Hope to visit one day, and sounds like a fabulous setting for the book. Love that cover too, really pops out!


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