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28 April 2018

Tea Party Book Ban

Yes, I am going on a Book Buying Ban.

This is in no way affiliated with YALC, it's just a fun challenge to celebrate my blogoversary and bithday, build up my excitement, and help myself prepare.

Check back on Tuesday to see the top ten books I want to read before YALC.

YALC Reading List


Because I need to save some extra pennies and read the books I already have.

I hope that this will help me curb my spending on books that I might not even read for months to come. And I should definitely save money - extra pennies for YALC always come in useful.


I'm starting on the 1st May and going for as long as I can! Hopefully I can keep it going all the way to YALC, but we'll see!

Sign ups before 1st July are eligible for the giveaway.

How Will I Cope?

I'm aiming to use the library more and tackle my already huge owned-TBR. And some of my disgustingly large NetGalley TBR.

Now that Steph at Dystopia Fantasy Reads works at my local branch some Saturday's I really have NO excuse not to nip around to see her. Which also means I can start doing library hauls again! I've been really neglecting my library recently for a few reasons, but mostly just plain old fatigue. A natter with my bestie is just the motivation I need to walk that mile-ish to the library.

Cheat Days

Yep, there will be cheat days. But only one per month.

The reason for this is that Waterstones Newcastle lets us meet up in their cafe and invade their basement on a monthly basis for the Northern Bloggers monthly meet/book club. And it would be wrong to take advantage of their kindness, excellent book knowledge, recommendations, and the warm dry bookish space to meet.

So yeah, once a month I can spend up to £15 on books in Waterstones.

Join In

Whether you want to save for YALC, your summer holidays, or you just want to tackle your TBR of already-owned books, come join me! 

Just write a sign up post about why you're joining in and how you're going to cope, and leave a link to it in the comments. Don't have a blog? Use your twitter to record you goals, use the hashtag, and link your post in the comments.

Will you be joining in?


  1. Best of luck with your book buying ban, I definitely feel your pain with this one! It is just too easy to drop way too much money each month on books! I know I've already got one new book coming in the next week or so, as I pre-ordered Sarah J Maas's new release, A Court Of Frost and Starlight! It's being delivered pretty close to my birthday and I can't wait to get stuck in! I definitely need to start utilising my local library more as well, it is a fantastic resource and it's free! Hope that this little band helps you to get through your NetGalley TBR!

    Abbey xx

  2. I'm already in the middle of my own ban, so I'm happy to join yours! Lol! My goal is to (like you) use my library and attempt to read ALL the books I already physically own and want to read. My shelves will be full of read books by the end of the year (I hope) and not TBRs.

    I found your blog on Bloggers Commenting Back, and now I'm following you on Bloglovin'! <3

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

  3. I will certainly be joining your ban Cora as I need to save money and read the books which I've already bought!

  4. Oh wow, good luck with this - it’s definitley something I need to do as well, because I have so many books on my shelves that I’ve never read, but I can’t help myself when it comes to buying more.. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ It would definitely save me a lot of money as well! 🙊

    Andi | ✨

  5. Haha, best of luck with your book ban! Let's hope they make it easy for you and don't release any good books soon to tempt you! I have so many books next to my bed that I need to finish reading, but I never seem to have time! I'm really going to try and make time to finish reading 'Still Me' by Jojo Moyes, as I've wanted to finish it for ageees haha.


  6. Good luck with this, Cora. I really should go on a book ban too haha!

  7. I actually don’t buy books, but I am lucky to live near a great library who orders new books very frequently. I am able to get most of the books on my tbr list for free through the reserve system, and I very rarely purchase books (though it would be nice to have a little library collection going at home). I think you’ll be just fine utilizing the library, what you can do is put books on hold and they’ll ship it from another library to you through their reserve system. It’s super fast and easy and it will save you hundreds (especially if you’re reading over 200 books a year like I am). Good luck with your book buying ban!

  8. I'll make sure there's tasty treats for you when you pop round =)
    We're also getting some pretty decent books in too so there should hopefully be enough to keep you going until YALC.

  9. Good luck! I did one recently to try and catch up with my TBR pile.


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