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24 April 2018

Top Ten Tuesday #121

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and is a chance for everyone to get to know fellow bloggers and share lists. I love lists. Every week is a different list.

Top Ten Tuesday
This week is Top Ten 
Frequently Used Words In Titles
But yeah I didn't fancy it. All I could think of were lists that had already been done (girl/queen/prince/fire/ice/insert-here). I'm just not feeling it. But my own..?
Top Ten 
Subscription Box Items
Because I've been thinking about my subby boxes lately and and more and more I'm a little disappointed or underwhelmed by what's inside. So below are five things I'd love to see (more of) and five things I'm sick of seeing.

I'd like to see more:

  1. Enamel Mugs
    Honestly these are so useful. They're perfect for summer when you want to drink outside but still be bookish, and don't want to risk smashing your 20+ ceramic mugs from subby boxes. Plus, picnics.
  2. Tarot Cards
    Like, just imagine a Grishaverse tarot deck AHHH. And even people with no interest in tarot would probably use them artistically.
  3. Reading Light
    I love reading in bed. But it tends to be night time and it's dark and I guess you see my problem? A wee book light would solve this!
  4. Travel Mug
    Why yes, I would like to show my book-geekiness around everywhere I go. Also it's goo for the environment to reuse rather than grab something disposable. Points if it's bamboo.
  5. Notebooks
    I love a good notebook. I think everyone does, really. Ooh and imagine if you got a pen too? Heck, why just stop at notebooks, how about reading diaries or dream journals?

I'd like to see less:

  1. SJM Merch
    I mean, yay for her that she's still doing so well, but her books are pretty damn problematic, and even if I love how feminine Celaena/Aelin/TheSpecial can be I'm just pretty bored of it all.
  2. Tiny Candles
    How disappointing is it when you can only burn a candle once? Like, I'd rather a couple tealights than a single tiny jar. And also when I'm paying so much for a box I expect a candle to last more then two hours burn time.
  3. Glittery Bath Products
    Yeah, I don't want to be clawing at my skin for three days because the bath product is filled with skin-irritating glitter and shimmer. I like shiny things as much as the next person but not in my bath.
  4. Funkos
    Unless they're bookish, no ta. Every Funko I've got in a box has been a naff one I wouldn't pick for myself, the ones that come up at the top of Amazon if you sort price by Low to High.
  5. Hot Chocolate
    The only hot chocolate I've had from a sub box has been yuk. Seriously yuk. I kind of have it figured now that you have to use expensive gold top milk and add some sugar to make it taste OK, but I'd honestly rather tea than vegan-free-from-everything hot chocolate powder

What would you like in a box if you could curate your own?


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  2. I get you with the Sarah J Maas merch. Even when the box isn't fantasy themed, it seems that there's always at least something included of her worlds. I'm also picky with my which Funkos I purchase so I definitely agree there, unless they're bookish, I'd much rather get a bookish shirt or some tarot cards. You can never have too many mugs! I adore this theme; happy reading!

  3. Oh this is such an interesting choice of topic! I never ordered a bookish box, but it seems to me like there are tons of SJM items all the time in each boxes I see, it's a bit, tiring, haha. I also would be a bit nervous about getting bath products because my skin is annoyingly sensitive haha.
    I would LOVE travel mugs in boxes as well, these are so useful - and notebooks, always :D
    Lovely post!! :) x

  4. I love sub boxes so this is a perfect list for me! The Classic Book Box has been my favorite, but I do love Owlcrate and they absolutely love putting in the smaller candles and glitter bath bombs! I just make sure I get glitter on my hubby too so I'm not alone in the glitter madness.

    How out of touch am I that I didn't know who SJM was? Had to look it up. Haven't read her books, but you're right I've seen the merchandise everywhere!

    With the Classic book box, it came with coffee. I've found some delicious coffee that way. Makes me so happy.

  5. Ooh a reading light or a travel mug would be a great idea! Or even a cool notebook like a dragon leather one or something... well, maybe. :) And yeah Funkos seem pretty common... maybe they should be a little less so!

  6. For me, I have so many mugs already, I definitely don't need more from subscription boxes-especially since I don't drink tea or coffee! I don't actually have any SJM merch, despite liking her books, but I do see what you mean, there is a lot of it out there.
    My TTT:

  7. This is a great topic. I've cancelled my subscriptions because the items were not useful. I love notebooks and tarot cards (and they would take up less space). I agree about the Funkos. I have some I would never have bought.

  8. I would love to have some buttons, notebooks, pens, bookmarks, just the 'normal stuff'. Those things can be used all the time and everyone will (probably)like it. It's harder to pick a Funko that everyone will like etc. Lovely blog post, Cora!😊✨

    Shirley |

  9. I would love an enamel mug! Or tarot cards.

    I do love a candle but not tealight sized in a book box! Glittery bath bombs are not my favourites but onea without the glitter I am all here for. I'd like to see more shower products though.Long baths aren't a thing I get a lot of time for these days.

  10. I didn't like this week's topic either! I don't buy subscription boxes, but I love picking out a good notebook, and I must admit I wouldn't buy myself a Dunno 🙈
    Amy xx

  11. I haven’t had much experiences with sub boxes, mostly because I’m worried about what I’d get and if it’s worth it but that’s why I love reading reviews. I’d love to get tarot cards in a sub box!

    Jessica & James | /

  12. I've never actually had a subscription box before - I've really wanted to sign up for one, but I haven't a clue where to start and which to choose! There's so many out there! It looks like something to really look forward to each month. I've also read quite a few reviews where people have had really bad products which doesn't really help! Haha.


  13. You can never have enough notebooks! That would be perfect! I don’t have much experience with these kinda boxes but travel mugs are super useful. Also pins, I’ve started collecting them so some cool pins in a subscription box would be awesome! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

  14. I love mugs. You can never have too many. That goes for notebooks too. The tarot cards idea sounds really good!
    I love it when boxes include tea and cookies.

  15. Oh this is so interesting! I love all candles haha! I'm a huge fan of beauty boxes but tend to purchase ones from Latest in Beauty where I can pick my own products!- x

  16. What a fab post, I completely agree with you about enamel mugs and a reading light - that would be so incredibly useful as I read in bed too and my DH gets quite grumpy about my having the bedside light on! And I also agree about micro candles (so disappointing) and glittery bath products. I don't just spend ages trying to get glitter of me, it takes ages to clean the bath as well, haha. Love this post, Cora, fab answers! X

    Lisa |

  17. I love this post!!! Am on the fence with the hot chocolate though, but I am chocolate fiend 😂 Bath bombs are definite disappointment as I only have a shower, and dinky candles are no good either. It's gonna sound really strange, but I love it when boxes put items of clothing in, like a hat or scarf. It's still book themed but also comes in really useful, and is a great fashion accessory.

  18. I have never actually purchased a subscription box, I read so many reviews of them on blogs and sometimes I think that they might be a bit of a money pit, but occasionally some people get so much nice stuff that I'm very jealous! I'm not a big fan of glittery bath products either, cleaning the bath after using them is a nightmare and I hate getting out of the top feeling dirtier than when I went in! A girl can never have too many notebooks, however!

    Abbey xx


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