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26 May 2018

Cold Bath Street by AJ Hartley

Creepy and twisty, Cold Bath Street by AJ Hartley made my heart race while I read it. And I couldn't put it down. The atmosphere just builds and builds, and the masterful illustrations take it to the next level. It's a little bit exhilarating and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any fan of horror.

Below I get to share AJ Hartley's own list of scariest places to read Cold Bath Street. And I know I wouldn't want to risk it!

Cold Bath Street by AJ HartleyAdd to Goodreads
Preston Oldcorn is in a desolate void between life and death. In order to save his soul he must brave his greatest fear - Cold Bath Street. A gothic thriller - think Hunger Games crossed with Artemis Fowl - that will keep you gripped to the end. Stunning black and white illustrations throughout.

5 Scariest Places to Read Cold Bath Street

These are all best after dark, always assuming you get in safely and legally, of course.

  1. The Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, or - for that matter - any art gallery, preferably deserted and hung with dark oil paintings of people half lost in shadow. Do they stay in the same place when you look down to read? Are you sure?
  2. Clitheroe Castle. This was the closest medieval fortification that we used to go to as kids from Preston, and it always had that haunted feel of places where people lived and died long ago but has long since been abandoned. Any castle or ruined abbey will do as well so long as its dim and quiet.
  3. Pendle Hill, Lancashire, the haunt of England’s most famous witches, and whether you find their story mysterious or merely tragic, the place retains a wild and blasted power. It broods over the surrounding countryside like storm cloud.
  4. Part of Cold Bath Street hinges on the local cemetery, but all graveyards are inherently atmospheric, particularly if they have been there a long time. I like mine old and rugged, preferably with a gloomy church close by.
  5. The Miley Tunnel, Preston, or any other abandoned railway lines, especially where the trains passed under ground, and the dank air is now loaded with the memories of those who used to ride there.
Where is the scariest place you've ever read a scary book?


  1. I don't really like to read scary books, I think they are way creepier than movies because you can use your own imagination! And most of the time I read in bed when everyone's asleep so that's definitely not the best time and place to read scary books!😅 Lovely blog post, Cora!😊

    Shirley |

  2. I was in my summerhouse at night (and it was getting very dark as it was in autumn 🙃), and reading The Empty Grave by candlelight (and I couldn't even see properly TO read, I didn't do this by choice, I had to sit with dogs for some weird reason 😂). Don't recommend doing this, it was very spooky...
    Amy x

  3. I don't think I could bring myself to read in any of these places. Too spooky. Although I do have a soft spot for Pendle Hill and the Witches. The hill where they were hanged in Lancaster is now home to the place I got married.

  4. Sounds like a good read! I don't know the scariest place I've read a scary book...I think just reading creepy books at night in general freaks me out. LOL



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