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01 June 2018

Five Things I Love About The North East

If you know me at all, you'll know that I love where I live. I may not have been born south of the border, but it's where my heart resides. The North East of England is definitely my home, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Heck, I even holiday up here!

High Level Bridge, Newcastle  South Beach, Blyth

So what exactly is so great about being Geet Up North? Well here are five things I love about the North East of England.
  1. Castles and Towers, Oh My!
    Northumberland alone has more castles than any other county in England. Even from where I live it's barely a mile before I hit a Pele Tower and an ancient fort. The area has a rich history that I love exploring and learning about.
  2. Beautiful Beaches
    I love how varied the coast is. From towering cliffs to sweeping beaches to mountainous sand dunes, I love it all. One thing I love to do is visit Warkworth beach and jump between the tank defences - it makes me feel like a kid again. And the food at Riley's Fish Shack in Tynemouth is incredible.
  3. Innovation and Invention
    Whether it was the first street lit by electronic lightblubs (Mosley Street) or the first house powered by renewable hydroelectricity (Cragside) or even the first commercially successful steam locomotive, if you look back the North East has brought a lot to the table. Now it is a pioneer in scientific research with Centre For Life and Science Central.
  4. Hadrian's Wall
    How could I not mention this World Heritage Site? Although I've always lived North Of The Wall, I have visited the forts along it as often as I have been able to afford (not much, it turns out). Bonus shout out for Arbeia, which sits on the other side of the Tyne but is FREE and has reconstructions - which I love. I visit a lot for picnics and walks (also it's an excuse to travel by ferry).
  5. NewcastleGateshead
    I feel like it all kind of comes together with this pairing - the feats of engineering displayed by the bridges, the breathtaking public works of art, the galleries, the museums, the castles and churches. NewcastleGateshead is alive with culture and acceptance and honestly the nicest people you'll ever meet.
Big Waters, Northumberland  The Tyne Bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I feel like the sky is so big here. There's so much possibility, so much to do and see and learn from. And I just can't keep it to myself.

Have you ever visited Up North?


  1. My family and I go to Northumberland for most holidays, we love it there so much, and I agree the castles are incredible. My favourite is Bamburgh of those I've seen, and I must get to Warkwirth's at some point.
    Amy x

  2. I've never visited any one these places, but hopefully one day I will! Lovely blog post, Cora!😊

    Shirley |

  3. Agree about the huge sky. It is the same my side of the border. I would love to explore the beaches and castles of NE more, and I love the Hadrian's Wall sites.

  4. Hey Cora - Happy Friday :) I backpacked around Europe after I graduated college & I loved England. We did visit a piece of Hadrian's Wall and even stayed the night in Newcastle, but we were only there for such a short time. Reading your post, I absolutely need to go back! Esp because it sounds like I need to try Riley's Fish Shack :)


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