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15 June 2018

Five TV Shows I Watch On Repeat

When I'm not reading, I'm watching a ridiculous amount on Netflix, Prime, and the TV. If you want to see what TV shows I'm watching you can have a nosy at my TV Time. But in the meanwhile here are my absolute favourites, that I pretty much watch on a loop and can quote along to while I watch.

Empresses in the Palace on Netflix

Empresses In The Palace

Oh man, my love for this series. Although I am still making my way through the original 76 episodes (and the abysmal subtitles) there is a shortened cut on Netflix which is six one-and-a-half-hour episodes of awesome, and I've watched it about six times in the past year. I love Huan and Mei and all of the court intrigue and backstabbing and the feminist thread running through the story-lines. I would recommend it to everyone.


Liv Moore makes me smile. I love the dark humour and flashbacks, and how Rose McIver can become anyone on screen. The way that so many issues are explored each episode is amazing. As iZombie nears the final series, it is simultaneously getting more serious and more over the top, but I love the skewed power dynamics and how it's Liv, Peyton and Dale who tend to be in control.


I have been re-watching series 1-3 over and over, and avoiding series 4 because I don't want it to end. But now I'm going in (again) and watching it to the very end (finally). I love the power struggles and the character development, how each of the women fight to reign and stay in power.


This show ignited my love of all thing country, and the soundtrack is my go to on a rainy day when I need cheering up. Or when I need a good cry. Or when I'm getting ready for a night out. I love the focus on music and the fight to get to the top and then stay there, and how I'm guaranteed a good cry every few episodes.

A Touch of Cloth

Honestly, it's the silliness of this series that I love the most, and the little details in the background that you'll probably miss on your first watch, that make it even funnier when you re-watch. I love crime dramas, so this parody really tickles me, especially with the clever wordplay.

Well opps, it turns out I like feminism and humour are front and centre of my TV viewing as well as my bookshelf and I'm not sorry at all #GirlPower.

What have you been watching recently?


  1. I loved the first few seasons of Nashville; so wish it had stayed at ABC, and they used Avery more, which would have kept me watching.
    My newest obsession is Dynasty, it's easily my favourite show ever and I've already seen all the episodes more than once, and am planning to rewatch at least once or twice over the summer.
    Amy xx

    1. Dynasty! Yes, I love Dynasty too. Thank you so much for introducing me to it back in March :)

  2. I've watched the first season of iZombie and I loved it 😍 I also want to start watching Reign! Lovely blog post Cora! 😊

    Shirley |

  3. I love Nashville! I haven't seen the final season yet though. If in doubt I always rewatch Bones or Gilmore Girls depending what kind of mood I'm in x


  4. I looove Nashville! It's such a great programme, I'm so sad it's ending this season :( There's quite a few times the programme has also brought me to tears, haha, it really gets you because you can't help but feel for the characters. It's great! A friend of mine suggested Reign but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet!


  5. I’ve watched a bit of iZombie, but it’s so hard for me to watch a show with more than 3 seasons, especially if it’s not complete yet. Lately I’ve been watching shows like on my block, I’ve tried to start the west wing, party of five

  6. Oh my God I haven't seen any of these but I love TV shows and there's definitely a few I've watched multiple times including Friends, One Tree Hill, Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why.


  7. Ooohhh I loved Reign from the very beginning and I thought the first two seasons were the best! I thought the show had so much more to give so I'm sad that it was cancelled so early. I only watched the first season of iZombie & now I want to go back and watch more!

  8. This is actually such a smart post idea! Lol, I'm a little tempted to steal it - with proper credit of course.

    I never watched Reign properly, but I did watch the first season of iZombie and I keep telling myself I want to catch up. I love Liv and Ravi - it's super rare to see a South Asian main character and I was stoked when he was cast! That's actually the only show on your list I've watched?

    I've not been watching much lately - we just finished The Middle, which I adored, and now I'm thinking about catching up with iZombie and Critical Role!

  9. OH I love this post <3 I haven't watched any of the shows you mentioned here, but I have heard great things about Reign, might have to try it out at some point :D

  10. I haven't watched the last season of Nashville as I can't imagine it without Connie Britton. I love the music so much and listen to it on repeat!

  11. My go-to is always Glee. It's ridiculous but has heartfelt moments and musical numbers. If I'm ill or sad, or having an anxious episode it's always there for me.


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