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06 July 2018

Five Things I Love About Book Blogging

Sometimes blogging can be hard, especially book blogging. It's easy to undervalue yourself, to feel like you're screaming into the void. But despite that, I love it. I'm part of a community of book lovers, and I have met some of the nicest people ever. And, I'm lucky enough to occasionally get sent amazing books by awesome PRs. I've been feeling a bit down about everything recently, so it's time to take a look at why I really love book blogging.

A pile of books

  1. Sharing the Love
    I get to share my love of books all of the time. I get to review them, rant and rave about them, recommend them. I can be inspired and do weird stuff like photo edits or blending tea or making playlists.
  2. Twitter Friends and Twitter Chats
    When I'm not reading books and blogs, or when I'm supposed to be reading books and blogs, I spend a lot of time on Twitter. I love joining SundayYA chat and ending the week on a high. I love being able to shout into the void and find my people, find someone who's read the same book so I can rant or rave, get endless recommendations.
  3. Reading Blogs
    I follow almost 500 blogs on Bloglovin and I try to read a few every day. I'm currently challenging myself to clear my feed once a day and it's so much fun. Reading everyone else's posts is so inspiring too. I've found new tags, been inspired to clear out my wishlist, and added to my TBR.
  4. Hidden Gems
    I love it when someone posts about a book I've never heard of, or something that's been out for a while that I can easily pick up from the library. A self-published gem that went under the radar. Or something totally out of my comfort zone that I end up falling in love with.
  5. Branching Out
    Being a book blogger has helped build my confidence online - I'm no longer afraid of rejection (and there is so much rejection), I'm part of a larger community in general, and I've even worked with my first brand (eek!). This means I'm comfortable starting to introduce other little things to my blog, expanding my niche. I've talked about tea, candles, my local area, TV Shows, and I have plans to talk about even more.
Book pages as a design feature

What do you love most about book blogging?


  1. I love talking about all the books I love, and I've met so many amazing people 💜. I've loved branching out a bit too 😊
    Amy x

  2. These are good things about book blogging for sure. I don't like reading but if I did these things would be nice.

  3. This is a great post, I definitely agree that sometimes blogging can feel like shouting into the void but there are so many things I love about blogging! I love talking with other people about books and recommending my favourites and getting recommendations from other people! It's such a fun community to be a part of! :)

  4. Great post!! I use to follow my favorite blogs. I try to clear that feed out once a week :)

  5. Such a nice post! Book blogs are great to find new titles to read! i am always looking for some new gems!

  6. I love talking about books, the good and bad about them and there's always so much to say :D

  7. I love book blogging! I'm part of a real life Book Group too and I always enjoy hearing what other people think of a book. The only think I find hard about book review though is giving enough info to intrigue people without giving too much away in terms of spoilers, haha! Fab post, Cora :) x

    Lisa |

  8. I love the twitter side of it too! I don't take part in the chats all that often, but just having blogger friends on twitter makes everyday just that little bit better :)

  9. I agree with everything you said! I really like talking about books and discovering new ones!😊

    Shirley |

  10. This is lovely and I agree with everything! I need to start using BlogLovin more!



  11. I still feel very new to the book blogging community, but I love hearing people being enthusiastic about books!

  12. I also love seeing so many book people and having a place to share my love of books! I'm new to book blogging so I'm still trying to build my confidence to write and interact with people.

  13. such a grea post.
    i love the community so much - y'all are inspiring


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