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23 July 2018

Book Review: Jinxed by Amy McCulloch

I accidentally read this book in pretty much one sitting. Once I started Jinxed by Amy McCulloch, I could not put it down. I ended up completely invested in Lacey's life and sped through it. I got it in my NYA Lit Fest goody bag. It's released in two weeks but I absolutely could not wait to share my review, and I hope you pre-order Jinxed because it is definitely worth it.

Jinxed by Amy McCullochAdd to Goodreads
Lacey Chu has big dreams of working for the company behind the 'baku' - a customizable smart pet that functions as a phone but makes the perfect companion for its user. The only problem is, she's just been rejected from Profectus Academy - the elite academy for cutting-edge tech. 

Then Lacey meets Jinx... Jinx is an incredibly advanced cat baku who opens up a world that Lacey never new existed, including entry into the hallowed halls of Profectus. But what is Jinx, really? His abilities far surpass anything written into his coded. He seems to be more than just a robotic pet.

He seems... Real. 

Source: Event Goody Bag.

5 Words: Privilege, expectations, family, betrayal, friendship.

It was a fantastic sci-fi that sits so close to the world we know that it didn't take much suspension of belief to immerse yourself in the world. I loved the engineering aspects, the coding aspects, the whole technology of the baku's (I want a baku). Even the setting itself, a whole town centered around and dominated by a single company, sprang to life before my eyes.

I loved Lacey so much. Her story really explores privilege, and how not having it puts you at a disadvantage, always. And I love how she rallied against it. Even with the most crushing disappointment weighing down on her, her resentment at the privilege of others, she still acknowledged her own privilege and pushed on to do her best when everything seemed stacked against her. She works hard.

Jinxed is the first book in a series, but it didn't feel like it. The story is wholly fleshed out on its own, it doesn't feel like it's just setting things up. There is a clear arc throughout the book, but I get the feeling that nothing dropped into the story is accidental. I feel a lot of clues have been subtly dropped regarding a world that, once you start digging, is actually pretty sinister. *puts on conspiracy hat*

There is a delicious thread of mystery throughout the story, and I was always kept wondering about the why. WHY did this or that happen? WHO was behind it? WHAT is the bigger picture that's being hinted at.

Although it could technically be read as a standalone, Jinxed is so addictive and has SUCH an ending that I can't wait for the next one. It's definitely one I'll reread as I loved Lacey (and particularly her friendship with Zora) and I'm now off to read some of the author's other books.


  1. What's a baku? You've got me intrigued now, haha. This sounds like my kind of book, I do enjoy YA fantasy/science fiction and if it was good enough to read in one sitting then it need to go in my shopping basket. How exciting that it's only the first in a series too! x

    Lisa |

  2. I'm really lookimg forward to reading this! I love stories centred round interesting animals (animal-type simulations in this case), and I liked The Potion Diaries trilogy a LOT.
    Amy xx

  3. Oh this sounds like a lovely read! And especially if you read it at single sitting. I’m going to add this to my to read list for sure :-)

    lots of love, Jasmin

  4. I love such sci-fi reads that makes me wonder how our future could look like, def need to try this. love the timing since I wrote a book review today on my blog as well.

  5. you have to love a review that starts with your first sentence. I love the idea of accidentally reading a book in one sitting!

  6. I'm about to publish my post of this. A publisher sent this to me, didn't know anything about it but I couldn't put it down either. I read in 2 sitting just because I needed to sleep (damn life gets in the way of reading) 🤣

    And isn't that ending a cliffhanger!


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