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25 September 2018

Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read

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Top Ten Tuesday
This week is Top Ten 
Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read
This was actually quite difficult as if I love an author I tend to read their book straight away. Unless it's part of a series that I don't want to end, in which case I procrastinate indefinitely. So I've put a little about why I haven't read it yet.
  • Evolution by Teri Terry
    Basically: I can't afford it. This is the only book on this list that I don't own, and I'm currently waiting for Evolution to come in to the library so I can read it! I loved Contagion and Deception.
  • The Beloved by Alison Rattle
    I think that this author's books are stunning, so sinister and dark and amazingly written, and I loved The Quietness so much. I'm just not in the place for such darkness right now.
  • Truly, Madly, Greekly by Mandy Baggot
    Made in Nashville is one of my all time favourite romances, but I wasn't so enamoured by the last book I read. I love Greek island romances so I'm sure I'll love it, but what if..?
  • The Hollow Boy by Jonathan Stroud
    This is straight up series-procrastination, as I absolutely love the Lockwood books, and even own them all. I'm pretending that it's not all over. If I don't read the series then it can't finish, see?
  • Sentencing Sapphire by Mia Thompson
    The Sapphire books are my favourite New Adult books. I love the thrilling scrapes Sapphire gets herself into, her opulent world. But this is the last in the series so #procrastination.
  • Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
    WHAT IF IT'S NOT AS GOOD AS SIX OF CROWS? Because Six of Crows was outstanding.
  • Sleepless in Manhatten by Sarah Morgan
    I love Sarah Morgan but when I first tried this series I wasn't in the mood. But now I'm worried that it's the book itself and afraid to go back in case I don't like it. Which is silly as I loved Christmas Ever After, Playing by the Greek's Rules, and First Time in Forever.
  • Perfect by Cecelia Ahern
    Hello there, series procrastination! Flawed is one of my all time favourite books and I'm just not ready for Perfect yet. I'll probably never be.
  • Barefoot on the Wind by Zoe Marriott
    Shadows on the Moon is just so utterly breathtaking, and although I know this is a separate story in the same world I'm just not ready yet. Zoe Marriott's books do something to my soul and damn, it hurts.
  • Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Katherine Webber
    Wing Jones is heart-breaking and inspiring and I've heard so many good things about Only Love Can Break Your Heart but I just can't seem to pick it up. Despite having a copy.

    Which favourite author have you been holding out on?


    1. The Hollow Boy is my very fave of the Lockwood books, so I highly recommend getting to that soon because Skull is at his very best in it! I too haven't picked up Only Love Can Break Your Heart yet, despite having a copy 🙈
      Amy x

      1. But then the series will be closer to ending! Although I guess it's the perfect time of year to reread the first two and then finally finish up the series.

    2. I found books gere that I'll be adding to my TBR!! :-)

    3. Yay more books to add to my collection . I totally get not wanting to read a book to avoid its end lol.

    4. um...don't feel bad, I STILL have read a single Leigh Bardugo book.

      1. Oh you must! Even if it's just to give them a go haha. The Grisha trilogy is an excellent introduction to the world and perfectly sets up Six of Crows.

    5. Crooked Kingdom is so good but I completely understand putting off reading it in case it fails to live up to your expectations as I do the same.


      I don't think there are any authors I've been holding out on, but I do have this sneaking suspicion Schwab might become one of my favorites.. Once I actually read one of her books? Just this.. weird feeling.. :') Maybe that's why I keep postponing on picking them up!

      1. I am positive that Schwab will become a favourite when I pick up one of her books too haha. IT WILL HAPPEN. I will do it. One day.

    7. I haven't read any of these books so I'm going to check them out! Lovely blog post, Cora!😊

      Shirley |

    8. Ahhh Cora, you should read Crooked Kingdom! I completely understand your fear of it not being as great as Six of Crows, but it really was amazing. The character development especially goes through a whole other level, at least for me, and I loved it :)
      Happy reading! :)

    9. Your blog is beautiful! I haven't read anything from these authors, bu I might have to now haha :)

    10. I just recently read Six of Crows and immediately started Crooked Kingdom. I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm enjoying it so far! Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

    11. I want to read Leigh Bardugo's books. I have so many other things to read that they'll probably end up waiting until next year though. Hope you like it when you get to it!

    12. I was a little disappointed by Crooked Kingdom, I hope you enjoy it more!
      My TTT:

    13. These all sound like amazing books. I really want to read Stephen kings IT and I also want to read the Preacher comic books.

      Melissa 🌙 |

    14. I've never seen this take (Books from favourite authors that you haven't read) on a top 10 before, I love the idea of it!

      Jas xx |

    15. I would love to read Truly, Madly, Greekly by Mandy Baggot this weekend. Thanks for sharing such a good stuff.

    16. Omg don't worry about Crooked Kingdom! IT IS EXCELLENCE. I felt it fully lived up to SoC!! And I also really need to read some Jonathan Stroud at some point...preferably soon.😂 I read a graphic novel of his but like I need to read one of his full length ones too?!


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