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06 October 2018

Dinner at Riley's Fish Shack, Tynemouth

In the past when we've gone to Riley's Fish Shack we've managed to grab a seat inside. We couldn't do that this time as a large party pretty much took over the place the second it opened, but we did manage to grab a deck chair next to a fire, and it was the perfect excuse to take our shoes off and bury our toes in the sand.

We always try to get down as early as possible for the dinner service, as everything is seasonal and stock depends on what was bought that day from the local fishing boats. More than once in the past things have sold out or been changed while we've been waiting.
Riley's Fish Shack - King Edward's Bay, Tynemouth
I think the only thing that was disappointing about our experience was the state other customers were leaving the place in. In two minutes my mum managed to fill two bags with discarded drinks cans and cups, empty food wrappers, and napkins. And that was just around the branded deck chairs. I know that they don't have any control over how inconsiderate some of the other customers were, but it'd be nice if they kept more of an eye on the state of the beach, as it's such a shame to be surrounded by other people's rubbish.

What I Ate

Mackerel Wrap
I had a chargrilled mackerel wrap, served with garlic potatoes and vinaigrette salad. The portions are so generous, and I loved every bit. 
Dinner at Riley's Fish Shack - Mackerel Wrap
It was absolutely delicious! Everything works so well together, and the acidity of the vinaigrette salad cuts through the smokiness of the fish in the most wonderful way.

What I Drank

Waylla Sauvignon Blanc
This wine was absolutely gorgeous and went so well with our meal. It was dry and crisp and very moreish.
Dinner at Riley's Fish Shack - Waylla Sauvignon Blanc
Usually I'd grab a pint of one of the local ales on offer, but this time we were both feeling like wine, and I'm quite glad we changed it up. The sauvignon blanc was the perfect accompaniment to our meal.

Tips for Visiting

There are definitely some things to keep in mind for when you visit Riley's Fish Shack. It's a very popular place for a reason, so I'm sharing some little tips to get the most out of your visit.
Riley's Fish Shack - menu

  • Check it's open
    Always check the website or Twitter beforehand to check that it's open, as occasionally it's closed for private functions.
  • Get there early
    Riley's is very popular with locals and visitors alike, especially since it's been featured on various food programs.
  • Take a picture of the menu
    While you're queuing, nip ahead and take pictures of the menu - that way you can deliberate about what to order before you're at the front and on the spot.
  • Wrap up warm
    You are on the beach, metres away from the cold North Sea, so wrap up warm! We tend to take a blanket each if we're visiting between October and April, on top of our big coats.
  • Be prepared to queue
    Riley's is very popular, especially on weekends and nice days. Be prepared for a queue! I think the.
  • Prepare for stairs
    There are a lot of very steep stairs down to King Edward's Bay, so be ready to tackle them on the way back up! There is a stair-free route that takes you North around the bay and towards Longsands, but even then it is still quite steep.
  • Dogs are welcome
    Although dogs are banned from  the beach from 1st May to 30th September, if it's out of season dogs are welcome, so your furry little friend can curl up at your feet.
Riley's Fish Shack - deck chairs

I can't wait to visit again, it's one of my favourite places to eat.


  1. I've never managed to eat here but this sounds great!

  2. This sounds like such a great experience! Yum! Mackerel wrap sounds delicious! That’s a great tip about taking a photo of the menu whilst you queue. It’s a shame about all the rubbish everywhere but nice if your mum to do some tidying up. Thanks for sharing Cora <3 xx

    Bexa |

  3. It's such a shame that people are so disrespectful of their environment. Picking up after yourself isn't exactly difficult after all. Good on your Mum for helping out. I don't think you can beat sitting around a fire on a beach :-)

  4. Oh, this looks so delicious, I adore mackerel and fish always tastes so much better by the sea. Fab tip about snapping the menu while you wait and although I don't like the sound of all those steps, at least you can work off some of the calories on the way back home, haha xx

    Lisa |

  5. Omg this sounds like a great experience and my goodness that wrap sounds so good, now I’m really craving for makrell!

    Jessica & James | /

  6. This. Looks. Amazing. One of my favourite things is eating fish and chips on the sea front, and Rileys is like an elegant twist on that with their deckchairs and smoky mackerel wraps.


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