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18 October 2018

Release Day Review: Distortion by Victor Dixen

This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year after Ascension blew me away earlier this year, and I was not disappointed. Distortion again explores relationships under intense pressure and scrutiny, and examines the ugly side of reality TV.

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After a speed-dating show that is literally out of this world, twelve young astronauts are set to become the first humans to colonise Mars. They are also the victims of the cruellest of plots.

Léonor thought she was a pioneer on an extraordinary mission. She thought she had left all regrets behind her on Earth. But when memories are this painful, there can be no forgetting... 

The second thrilling installment in the Phobos series, following on from Ascension by Victor Dixen.

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5 Words: Friendship, survival, secrets, love, hope.

I had been eagerly awaiting Distortion since I finished Ascension, so I couldn't help but jump straight in as soon as I got it. And I was absolutely not disappointed.

Again we follow Léonor as the main protagonist, and Serena as the antagonist. I liked seeing both perspectives, how each side fought to keep secrets. Then we have Anthony and Harmony, who didn't get much page-time in the last book, adding a third viewpoint with mixed motivations.

The writing is different in style from what I'm used to, and it takes me a while to settle in, perhaps three chapters. I'm not sure if this is a result of the translation, but it doesn't impact my enjoyment of the books and I think it actually helps me to read them faster, but the style won't be to everyone's tastes.

Distortion by Victor Dixen is very much a story of hope. The ending of Distortion was quite a hopeless affair, and the cliff hanger had me turning to the author's note in outrage. Although no less of a cliffhanger, this book actually gives some an aspect of hope in the ending, which I really appreciated. I loved the further scrutiny of reality TV and human greed, control and manipulation.

This series is commonly referred to as Love Island in Space and although that is a fair and excellent comparison, I feel like it sells it short. Because the Phobos books are so much more. Yes, there are the intense relationships brought on by living in such close quarters, the coupling up, the cameras everywhere... But there is so much more to the story. There is drama and a fight to stay alive, secrets and subterfuge, a possible betrayal hovering ready to strike at any moment.

Distortion is an addictive page-turner. The events of Ascension are covered well enough that you don't necessarily have to have read the first book to enjoy it, but I would absolutely recommend it to get the wider story.

Have you read any of the Phobos books?

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  1. I haven't read the Phobos books yet, but they sound really interesting! Lovely review, Cora!😊

    Shirley |

  2. I haven't read any of these, but you got me with that awesome cover!

  3. I've seen these book covers and thought they looked amazing. I really want to read them after your review!

  4. I might have to look into this series. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. I haven't read this series before, but I seem to be hearing about it more and more lately. I'm definitely thinking about reading it. Love your review!


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