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12 October 2018

My Autumn Reading Soundtrack * AD

Autumn is my favourite season. I love the chilly mornings and long, dark evenings. Autumn is made for reading, for curling up with a book and just getting lost in a whole new world. More often than not you'll find me snuggled up with a book in my hands - on the couch with a cup of tea and a blanket, in bed with fresh pyjamas and soft lamplight, in a hot bubble bath with a flickering candle. You'll even find me with one hand stirring a pot of soup while the other holds a book up to my face. But always, I'll have music playing in the background.

I'm a restless reader too. I like to pace and move around, and a bath only stays hot for so long. A sleek wireless set up like a Panasonic Speaker System is perfect for when you want to read everywhere and anywhere without having to stop and start your reading soundtrack.

My Autumn Reading Playlist

Rain Sounds

I am a huge fan of Ambient Noises, especially those from nature, and so it'll be no surprise that the sound of rain makes it on to my playlist. With it being autumn, it does tend to be raining anyway, but I want the sound of heavy rain beating down, and I don't want it to stop. I often add in a couple of tracks with thunder too, especially if I'm reading an epic fantasy or a dark thriller. It really helps to build the atmosphere.

Film and TV Soundtracks

I have a few go-to albums that I head straight for when I'm compiling a playlist. Usually my favourite films and TV shows make this cut because lets be honest - the soundtrack can make or break anything I watch. My absolute favourites are Pride and Prejudice (the 2005 film version), King Arthur, and Outlander. I also love the soundtrack for the TV show Reign, mostly because of the next music up on my soundtrack...

Indie and Folk Music

I just absolutely love folk music, with twanging guitars and lyrics full of longing. And I love a little bop around to some indie pop. I head straight for Vance Joy, Birdy, The Lumineers, and Yael Meyer (who I even discovered thanks to Reign). I just low how raw the lyrics feel, how if I truly listen they can hit me hard. And the drama. There is so much drama in folk music, in the way the beat builds so subtly.

Acoustic Covers

Like I said, I love me a twanging guitar. Acoustic covers of popular songs are my absolute jam, and I love how a song can completely change when the accompanying instruments are stripped back. My favourite ever acoustic cover of a song is Taylor Swift's version of  Riptide by Vance Joy. It was one of my favourite songs anyway, but this version is haunting and I can easily listen to it on loop. Huge thanks to Amy at Golden Books Girl for putting this on my radar.

Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack

I know I'm being very specific here, but that's for a reason. I think that the soundtracks for Guild Wars 2 and the expansions are incredible. Epic, even. I can find something on there for every mood imaginable. Maclaine Diemer is truly a genius. I spend far too much time on that game anyway, but even when I'm not playing I have the soundtrack on my mind, and playing while I read. Trust me, and give it a go.

Do you listen to music while you read?
What's on your Autumn Playlist?

* This was a sponsored post in collaboration with Panasonic.


  1. I don't tend to listen to music when I read, but I do when I write. I love the Soundtracks from the Lucifer tv series, and the song Beekeeper which featured in Elementary. I also love that the author of Wintersong put up some playlists for Wintersong/Shadowsong and they are filled with amazing songs

    1. I love it when authors create playlists for their books, I think it gives such a deeper insight into the mood and characters and what's happening on the page.

  2. I love listening to music while I'm reading. Most of the time I listen to my daily music, but I also really like listening to piano music!😊

    Shirley |

    1. I have a whole playlist just of piano, it's my chill out before bed music haha.

  3. I absolutely cannot have music playing when I'm reading but I like the sound of having rain and ambient noises in the background. I have a really good app for that so I might give that a go next time!


    1. I started with ambient noises then moved on to music, but sometimes I do get distracted by listening rather than haha.

  4. Yes! Instrumental and folk music is my go to! I totally get the Guild Wars thing, I love The Witcher 3 soundtrack for similar reasons.
    Deanna Reads Books

  5. I don't listen to music when I read, though I do sometimes when I'm writing blog posts. George Ezra's music is usually acoustic and quite chilled, have you listened to him? Into the Ark, who I also love, also have a similar style for most songs. I'm so glad you love that cover of Riptide! I love that song in both versions too, and my other favourite Vance Joy is probably Fire and the Flood 💜
    My favourite TV soundtrack is Dynasty, because it suits the show SO well, and the Vampire Diaries' (which I've been binging over the past few months) is usually fab too, especially in the later seasons. I've heard really good things about reign, so I should really watch it at some point!
    Amy x

  6. I definitely agree, background music is so good for concentration I love rain/water sounds too and acoustic covers

  7. I love listening to movie and tv soundtracks - and yes, Outlander is one of my favorites too! :)

    Check out The Nightmare Before Christmas Book Tag

  8. I love listening to music on a website called Jazz and Rain, which overlays rain sounds with soft jazz music. Your playlist looks great; I'll have to check it out!

    Eleanor | On the Other Side of Reality


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