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31 October 2018

My Halloween Rituals

Halloween always feels a bit more like New Year for me. New Year itself is just an excuse to get together as a family and eat pie and mash and play board games together. But Halloween? It's when I feel invigorated and inspired and Get Stuff Done. Autumn is my favourite season and everything about it

This year I've been focusing a lot on clearing out the old. I'm decorating and rearranging my room, changing up my blog a little, getting new projects planned in my head. But I'm also taking some time to reflect.

I do have a bit of routine that I stick to, things I like to do. And this time I'm sharing some of them.

My Halloween Rituals

A Ritual Bath

Nothing can beat a ritual bath, and this is mine. It's one I do whenever I'm a bit stressed or need some inspiration, and I love it for new starts too. I spend a good hour or so, sometimes more, just chilling with some rain sounds and some candles.

Our boiler broke down on Monday so I'm actually doing this at my fiance's house this year.

You Need
A good handful of salt
Two sprigs of fresh lavender leaves
Two teaspoons of dried lavender flowers
Amethyst stone
Rain sounds

The Method
Mix the salt, dried lavender, and crystal in a jar and leave them to infuse for a few hours. Put it all in an empty bath under the taps, crush the fresh lavender in your hands to release the oils them place on top. Light the candles, set a rain sounds playlist going if it's not raining outside, and run the bath. The salts will dissolve in the running water, and the bits of lavender float on the surface.

Just make sure not to sit on the crystal when you get in the bath. I made that mistake once and ouch.

A Reflective To Do List

I set up a to do list for the next few weeks. Nothing immediate or pressing, just stuff I'd like to do for me and my own well being. I think it's especially important when the days get shorter to remember to take care of yourself.

To Do
  • Reread the DCI Ryan series and catch up with recent additions
  • Walk from Warkworth to Amble, along the beach
  • Visit the Alnwick Gardens and Barter Books
  • Reread the Grisha Trilogy before King of Scars comes out
  • Visit the Laing Art Gallery
  • Buy new pyjamas
  • Write something every day

A Reading

I do a three card spread for the coming months and spend an hour or so with the cards I've drawn, thinking about what they mean to me and how I can interpret them in positive ways, even if I get a scary card like the eight of swords which came up in every draw in July and August. 

What is Halloween to you?
Do you have any rituals?


  1. I love this! I won't be able to take a ritual bath this year, but I'll be taking a cleansing shower instead and doing a reading to see what's coming up in the months ahead. I love treating Halloween/Samhain as the new year, and refreshing my life and refocusing my goals

    Cordelia ||

  2. I love the Alnwick Gardens/Barter Books (the Rememberance Day memorial at the Gardens made me cry when I was there last month, it's so simple yet stunning!), and I love buying new pyjamas too! Looking forward to seeing what you pick at some point 😊
    Amy x

  3. I love the Gardens and Barter Books. I'm lucky enough to live just outside Alnwick so can pop in regularly. I really enjoyed reading this post! 😊

  4. Love the sound of the ritual bath. Rain sounds are so relaxing. Adore Barter Books to - I visited this summer and last autumn, and years back when I lived in the South.

  5. this sounds like the perfect way to spend the day. i honestly don't have a ritual but at the end of every month i do set up a to do list so get myself sorted for the following month?

  6. What a fun ritual! I really love creating Halloween looks but we don't really do anything special for Halloween. I'd like to do something in the future though!


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