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02 October 2018

Ten Authors I’d Love to Meet Again

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and is a chance for everyone to get to know fellow bloggers and share lists. I love lists. Every week is a different list.

Top Ten Tuesday
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Authors I’d Love to Meet Again
I am incredibly lucky to have been able to meet so many authors over the years, even if I am a mess of nerves and tend to squeak. Or stare silently. Or my brain just goes blank. All in all, I'm not very good at first impressions. So these are the authors I'd love to meet again, so I can hopefully do better. Because I have so much platonic love for so many authors.
  • Leigh Bardugo
    I'm lucky enough to have already met Leigh Bardugo twice and oh man, I definitely want to again. Funny and dark and I love the stories that are told at their events. I love how they always bring fairytales to the forefront.
  • Vic James
    I love showing Vic my battered and annotated copies of Dark Gifts and watching her flick through the pages to see what I've written, seeing her laugh at what I've underlined and trying not to shout out my swears (I do a swear a lot when I annotate oops).
  • Sarah J Maas
    Honestly she was just so lovely when I met her at Seven Stories around four years ago, putting me completely at ease and making me laugh so much. I'm actually gutted she's now so popular that we'll never joke about burning thigh muscles and trying to hold a smile for a dodgy camera again.
  • Teri Terry
    I love when authors seem 100% OK with fangirling about their DARK DARK BOOKS and drop the teeniest hints of what may be coming. I love the darkness in the way they talk too.
  • Zoë Marriott
    I have only managed to briefly meet them at YAShot, and I loved how we had a little chat about the new and old covers for Shadows on the Moon, and Zoë signed some extra bookplates. I love how they take apart the patriarchy in their books, and their feminism isn't just for stories.
  • Sarra Manning
    Basically I just want to fangirl cheerlead in her face because I love her books so much. They were a huge part of my teenage years and when I met her at YALC a few years ago it was great to chat about the injustice of the marketing for the Fashionista books.
  • Melinda Salisbury
    So dry and dark and snarky and bitchy in the best way, I love how Mel tells it straight. I just want to listen to Mel take down the patriarchy and rip into stereotypes.
  • Chris Russell
    So much enthusiasm for Irn Bru. And music. And Songs About A Girl. The enthusiasm just gets me all excited for the series all over again. 
  • Laura Steven
    The cutest voice ever, and the funniest (and creepiest) Nice Guy stories in the world. Honestly she's so adorable and I could listen to her speak for days.
  • Sarah Maria Griffin
    Furbies and funnies. And witchiness. And such relatable jokes and anecdotes about her family especially. I've seen Sarah at a couple of events now and I just love her.

    Have you met any authors?
    Who would you like to meet?


    1. So many great people. I don't do this meme, but if I did Teri Terry, Vic James, Melinda Salisbury, Laura Steven and Sarah Maria Griffin would definitely make my list.

    2. I've never actually met any authors to be honest! Which is quite surprising. I'd love to meet Claire Douglas, C.L Taylor an John Green although the last one is a bit of a dream!


      1. I super briefly met CL Taylor once, it was at YALC to promo The Treatment before it came out, and as I was getting my copy signed I just gushed about her other books haha.

    3. I haven't met any authors yet but I'd love to meet Agatha Christie and two of my local favourite authors.

      x Rasya |

    4. You've met some really great authors! I haven't had the opportunity to meet any, but I think it would be fun to meet Leigh Bardugo. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday

    5. Cool list of people you've gotten to meet!

      I've gotten to meet Glenn Beck (waited all night in the parking lot at Dallas Cowboys stadium to be first in line to that), Tim Ballard (later found out that he's a superhero that rescues kids from sex slavery), Eric Metaxis, and L.L. Cool J.

    6. I haven't met any authors but Sarah J Maas and Laura Steven seem like they'd be nice to meet!

    7. AAAAAAH SONGS ABOUT A GIRL IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT - I still need to read the last book which I think is already out now xD But I've been lucky enough to meet Rachel Caine, E Lockhart, Victoria Aveyard and Tomi Adeymei! I loved meeting Tomi and Victoria though, it was so interesting hearing their talks.

      Also Terri Terry, I really need to finish her Slated trilogy xD

    8. Ooh I'd love to meet Terri Terry, I really liked Slated! I also put one author who I've already met before on my list - Holly Black - because when I met her I hadn't read any of her books yet.

      My TTT:

    9. So cool that you've met so many authors you love!

    10. Wow! That’s so cool you have met so many authors! I’ve never actually met any but if I could I’d love to meet Liz Gilbert. Eat Pray Love is my favourite book <3 xx

      Bexa |

    11. Wow, I haven't even met ANY. I would love to meet J K Rowling. Yeah, right, I have big ambitions! Failing that, I'd like to meet Freya North, Lisa Jewell, Emily Barr or Bill Bryson.

      Tracy xxx

    12. Wow, you've met so many incredible authors, that's amazing! I only read Six of Crows, but I'd still love to meet Leigh Bardugo just as well, because she writes fascinating worlds and characters for sure :)
      I'd love to meet John Green someday haha, he's my favorite of all times :)

      1. When she talks about her worlds it's like you're there, it's amazing. I hope you get to meet Leigh Bardugo one day!

    13. I would be awesome to meet Leigh Bardugo. :)


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